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  1. I willrep when I can man going totry to get the shirt in a few thanks man
  2. You are MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I'm going to see a recruiter later this week. My brother is trying to hook me up with a tour of Patrick AFB next week. And I'm running like a mad man so I can hang with these damn young bucks if/when I go to basic.
  4. Hey bud congrats on paying the truck off!
  5. Oh no worries dude. It's a very polarizing topic.
  6. Hope your Christmas was great man
  7. I have been lurking for the last few days haha
  8. Haha it's cool, made for a good effect.
  9. dont know how i hit the caps button but was not yelling below lol
  10. Haha you're on the Hendo bandwagon pretty hard
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