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  1. Thanks for the rep,amigo!How's goes it?I've been crazy busy with this new band and a new job and all that good life shit,lol.Been trying to post a little but don't get to watch much mma anymore,unfortunately.
  2. Whats up bro? you ever posting again?
  3. Thanks for the rep,how goes it Mr.Bear?
  4. Thank you sir.Ya I'm slowly making my way back in,I get internet burnout real bad,I have a flighty attention span on account of numerous large interests.How's the fam TBEAR?
  5. Glad to hear the job is well. Hope all is good man.

    POST some though....LOL
  6. TBEAR!What's happening brother?Hey man sorry I haven't been in touch.Business is good
  7. Hey happy new year bud. Hope all is well with you and yours
  8. Haha,oh yeah man.I just got done reading some bs in the Brock calls bs thread,you should check out the last page on that one.Merry Christmas!!
  9. Haha,you're talking to the king of boredom here!
  10. everyone on my end is good. getting ready for the hoildays. tring to stay away from the stores. Been watching the fights and working, I guess pretty boring around here
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