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  1. Haha,yeah I let my wife take care of all the shopping,I admit I'm a bit spoiled in that regard.I guess I gotta take that back,I did pick up a few things for our little guy.How's your clan doin?
  2. Chillin bro. You ready for Christmas? I hate going to stores at this time of the year LOL
  3. What's up TBEAR my friend?
  4. No worries bud, glad to hear all is well with you
  5. Hey bud,how the heck are ya?Thanks for thinking of me on the guitar thing,I love to give my "expert"opinion,lol.
  6. off topic there is a thread about guitar questions, maybe you can help him?
  7. Hey what's up TBEAR!!Yes sir I'm probably one of the worst lurkers here,huh?How's life been treating you my friend?
  8. I see you
  9. Yeah man I lurk more than post but I'm always around.How you doin?
  10. I see you lurking in here bud, WHATS UP
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