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  1. Hey brother man,how's it going?
  2. Hey bro all is good man. Just work and regular life stuff. playing on here when I get time and of course watching MMA.
  3. How goes it my friend?
  4. Hey buddy,I am good.How the hell are ya?
  5. Hell yeah man,I have been coming by more and more,found some free time.Happy belated birthday brother!!
  6. Ah man no problem.I do have a tendency to keep to myself,but I'll do better my friend.Ben's awesome,he's fucking smart man.He says a bunch of words,has too many teeth already,and he's bound to end up being tall as he wants to be.

    How's your end?Still retired or did the itch ever call ya back?
  7. all good bro, when you drop in just say Hi or something LOL

    Glad everything is going good for you though, How is the little man?
  8. What's up TBEAR?Hope all is well,sir.I've been stupid busy with farming and really don't spend much time here,and when I do come on I usually catch up as best I can on the news then gotta haul ass back to work.I usually don't post much because I'm kinda outta the mma loop these days.Looks like some interesting days ahead though
  9. Hey bud you around here anymore? I see you were omn today but I see no post. Just checkin to see how everything is going
  10. where you ben bro? Come back and see us here!
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