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  1. Kevo is going to be a fly boy yeah
  2. o Yeah bud, I got it.
  3. Kevo thinking about being a fly boy?
  4. Point taken Bud but you see mine too.
  5. Hey down here

    Hey keep going


    hehehe what up bud
  6. Where you hiding at
  7. Hope your Christmas was great man. Congrats on beinbg Green, now only about 2000 more till you get to be BLUE LOL
  8. I would say Hughes is a Black belt level in BJJ...Now he will not pull off any crazy fling arm bars or anything but he is very soild on the ground

    the real answer is, he does not have a belt. He learned it from Miltich and he does not give out belts. But Hughes rolls with Horn (they are good friends) so I am sure Hughes would be at a BB level
  9. dont miss the SF pickems that are up NOW
  10. HA still winning the pickems!!!!!!
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