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  1. Welcome back bud, a lot to catch up on in the MMA world. Have you been keepin up
  2. Hey man! Sorry for the vanishing act! I'm not sure if i pmmed you b4 i left or not but i had gotten a nasty virus through the ad server on this site the last time i was here so the site is blocked at work and i couldn't put my home pc at risk. Someone just told me about adblock for firefox so i nabbed and installed that ish and i'm back! Loads of good fights since my last visit, hope to talk to ya soon!
  3. what up ?
  4. Thats awesome man, i'm have a background in Kung Fu. I trained/studied very seriously for about 2.5 - 3 years, additional 2.5 years of study and simple training. I'm trying to determine what i should take up that would compliment the training that i already have. I'm very open to suggestions of all kinds! As far as ground styles, i would really like to train some BJJ. I never really knew anything about BJJ until i started watching mma and it's very foreign to me. I like watching the "how to" vids on youtube so i can get a better understanding of what i'm seeing.
  5. No prob... I do BJJ and MT so if I can help I will
  6. hey thanks a lot man, i really appreciate it! I'm really hoping to start training in the near future, and i'm hoping to get some good advice regarding that as well.
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