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  1. Over a year I called jds champ

    Pretty good huh
  2. Let's see if your prediction comes true Saturday! You've been calling Cigano champ 2011 for as long as I remember hahaha
  3. Hows my boy?? So busy lately my man, haven't had much chance to be posting, just to get some quick updates

    I'll be back soon enough though dont you worry haha
  4. what up fool?
  6. Alright bra

    I always find the sig/av bet on one fight kind of boring to be honest. I'm also getting tired of the pickems and have forgettin a couple of cards (you guys are killing me haha). This card should be amazing and I know we'll be watching every fight as they go down. So how about me you and Lwbrew set up a sig bet based around our pick'ems for the entire card.

    The one who gathers the most points by the end of the card picks the losers sig for like say 3 weeks (don't really matter to me honestly haha). Just figured I throw it out there cause this card should be ballin and I know you two are always on the ball. I rarely do these so figured I take a shot at it.

    Sound like a laugh man? If your game drop Lwbrew a message, if he aint feelin it then we'll take er down.
  7. ANSWER ME... I see you lurking LOL
  8. Tell me what bet you talking about brother
  9. Shoot brother whats up let me know about the bet and what you are thinking
  10. Yo T dot, you have any either sig/av bet for the Rio card?

    If not I've got a pretty cool suggestion for me you a Lwbrew haha
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