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  1. Thanks for the rep compadre
  2. I really want to see Jones vs Bader...lets see who is next for the young guns
  3. O yeah man I get it. I was just asking. all rankings are very IMO based, so everyone will see it differently.

    I think Jones is a future star, I just want to see him fight a top ten guy before I buy in to all the hype. He can be a champ oneday for sure.
  4. It's kind of a mix of both worlds man. Personally I think he can beat anyone who I don't have ranked above him in the division. I can understand if people don't agree with me, but it's just my opinion.

    For example, I think he could beat Nog, Forrest, Franklin, T Silva, Couture. So If that's what I think he's capable of Then he has to be ranked five. I don't know what those names I just mentioned have done as of late to rank above him. Know what I mean?
  5. Hey man in your sig, you have Bones ranked 5. Do youu really think he is 5 or is that more of a "i like list"
  6. hahaha that just it man, people like him are so good at drawing you in. He loves all this attention and feeds off it. Either way he'll be gone soon enough like you said.
  7. Hey man, I fell into the trap of talk shit to Rambo also. The other day I told you to leave him alone until he gets banned and then today I get into it with him in the Jens not retireing thread.....I guess I should have took my own advise lol
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