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  1. I'm on call next 6 days and sleep can be a rare thing. May have to read or watch them tomorrow. See how the night goes. Hopefully my pick ems do all right did great last time but didn't make up for the time
  2. Hey Lw. How are you? You ready for UFC Japan? Looks like a great free card.
  3. whats up my man
  4. you doubled my score and only got 16 points last
  5. Yeah I will be watching bellator, bummer that pitbull is out but rickels vs woodard should be good:
  6. You watching Belator tonight?
  7. No deer yet not cold enough I butcher myself and don't have a fridge just for that. It better be a nice buck to due the cooler and ice way. Other than the first day kills are based on if I have time to due them or not
  8. Thought you were mad at me?

    Hope all is well with you.
  9. 40-7 last game won 6th in the confrence maybe win one and be done. The boys have it but
  10. !
    1 more regular game already made playoffs, but not top of div. Not the team we had last year, but we have a coach if he played with there dads there 1st string good or not. Plus he can't think on his feet. Nice guy but leave it at that.
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