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  1. that was a ridiculously cute and funny article on Fox lol
  2. thank you buddy i am pretty happy for myself also
  3. I half give up on this forum all ready, bro. I see so many dumb posts and members it's insane! Like TBEAR and LWbrewer and Kevo...ehhhhh i mean those are the best ones
  4. diabolical Japs?

    I don't think Ken really knows how far he's gone, I have a feeling he will after Rizzo tho!
  5. haha stupid Japs :P
  6. haha yeah man fucking penguins! goddammit!!!
  7. Pens ???
  8. spoares haha LOVE it!
  9. I see your a Spoares lover
  10. yeah bro I agree Soares needs to go away and take his lame ass Sinister shirts with him.
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