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  1. Shoot your picks to Kevo and just tell him you may not be around on Fri....he should take them with NP
  2. Nog did not look good at all IMO. Or Britz looked alot better than I thought (prob this) I can see a draw with Nog winning RD 1 and 3, and Britz winning RD 2 10-8
  3. You stungunned me for 5 extra points 27 to 22 neither of us got any bonus points. Nog disapointed me
  4. I am beating you look atthe new pickem thread I am 7 you are like 12. Did you pick the SF card with AO and Brett?
  5. Kevo will probly put it up tomorrow, for this weekebd
  6. You better start thinking about those picks for the pickem this weekend....cause i am coming for you!!!!

    I will rep when it lets me
  7. Did you catch the SF card? I picked alot of the winners I am coming for you in the "pick'em game"
  8. Hey man whats up?
    I hope all is good on your end
  9. Going good right now getting ready for a major outtage at work 16+hr days so I probely won't be on much if any next week
  10. Whats up man how is it going?
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