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  1. Hey big man, how is it going? Head clear?
  2. Damn man sorry to hear that. Get the Doc to get it fixed up, and rest you will be back in a fight before long
  3. How was the fight man
  4. Thats great dude. I check out the site looks pretty cool. I am assumeing you are one of 265+ers. I am a MW...that is great dude keep it up and beat that big SOB next month
  5. 2nd RD sub I took his arm home with me...or tries to , but he tapped

    Sorry yours went the other way but you did it dude, Keep your head up and get that big bastered SHW next time..

    O yeah and dont worry about that prick Rambo in your thread
  6. Congrats bro it take more heart to get in the cage than most people have GREAT JOB DUDE
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