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  1. Day 2 was today and Im proud of myself lol. I really wanted to spar today and i refused to sit on the sidelines and watch again, so I told a little lie and said that I had been training for a few weeks in the past. So, they placed me with 3 bluebelts, and I only got submitted 4 times total, blocked a dozen submissions(mostly kimoras n colar chokes) and escaped a deep armbar by rolling out of it and I took somebody's back. Never got swept nor reversed, and I only got submitted because I wanted to try out the guard so i pulled it to start off(which was a mistake) that ended with me getting rear naked' n triangled 2 times + 1 triangle/neck crank. I was happy with myself, my wrestling n watching videos really helped out. But it had been a long time since I trained so my cardio was shot after 20minutes. I even tried a tornado guard....but that failed
  2. An atama black gold weave
  3. Great man! Give it time and soon you'll be rolling with the advanced guys and EVEN not get killed what kinda gi did you get?
  4. Hey, I finally had my first class yesterday, my Gi finally came in the mail. I loved it! Didn't get to do much since i was in the beginners class and there was some time discrepancy, so I was only able to learn/train armbar and rear naked choke, but my friend was taking the advanced class right after so I stayed and watched. It was torture not being able to roll with them, cant actually spar until after a week; but I have so many ideas and moves in my head that its driving me crazy lol
  5. don't be doing no gi until you learn some jiu jitsu. otherwise you're doing nonsense and NOT BJJ...100 bucks a month is amazing. between the two gyms i train at tha are affiliated I pay over 300 (for one i'd be paying 200 and the other 150 seperately) so that's an amazing price. your master is actually one hella practitioner!!! lemme know how you like it
  6. Hey, Im VERY close to deciding on training Jujitsu at Unit 2 Fitness in Atlanta with Master Roberto Traven. I was wondering though, which you thought was better, No-gi or gi? Because they dont offer No-gi, but its only 100 for unlimited classes for a month in Jujitsu, Muytai, boxing, and some fitness class. Ive been really missing grappling from wrestling, so jujitsu seems perfect for me.
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