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  1. Ps: Congrats on the mod!
  2. Hey man. I'm still around, just been insanely busy recently so haven't been able to post too much It's good of you to notice though bro! I'll be posting a lot today ahead of tonight's fights and I'll certainly be back on here a lot more from now on. How have you been man?
  3. Hey bud, have not seen you on in awhile...are you lurking?

    Just think you are an educated fan and you get noticed when you are not around

    anyway see you in the forums
  4. If I could rep you again so soon, I would. Awesome post as always my man!
  5. breakdown for BJ v Fitch is up is it going
  6. Thanks my man!
  7. Thanks for the rep my man!
  8. Thanks a lot for the rep mate!
  9. Cheers for the rep man!
  10. Thanks again for the rep man!
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