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  1. Hey man, I know we had a disagreement, but yeah, I agre. The story w/ my old man,is real, but i hope I made sense in relating it to the post w/ randy. I wasn't pullin the ol WWE cheap pop for fans.. It was a comparisson I'm not sayin this to sound like a BA, but I'm the 2nd youngest of 6 in my fam. The youngest being a girl. Dad(he defines tough) taught me how to defend myself and since I got my boxin&mma license he has stfu and wont even talk to me about school, so no matter how honery u get with old age treat ur kin as the the next best thing, the special being that he/she is. Im 26 and was once a dad to be nother story, but I love this site cause people like u understand the sport and what life means to each individual (not just mma) not just the one with the acct at You can neg, but I'm here to be me and thank you for your support as my comp happened literally today just as Randys article happened just today...
  2. "Brock is (like pro wrestling or not) the best thing for mma since sanctioning in various states. Not knockin ya, I just disagree wholeheartedly". ..

    Nope just give me neg
    and when your the ufc champ and ranked any were near the top 20 in the HWD AFTER 3 fights in the ufc and 4 fights total one of them you lost in a min and 30 sec its embarrassing to the sport I don't give a s*&# how big of a draw he is
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