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  1. Happy B day SimpleJack!!!!!!
  2. Happy Bday man
  3. I left you a comment in the Big foot thread, you were bad LOL
  4. I have a degree in HMLS also. well you can read my reply to you in the thread if you want.
  5. Hey Don,
    Can you go into the Clay vs Pettis thread. I asked a question on page 2 that I really dont know the answer for. Can you give it a shot since, I do respect your answers.
  6. Things are good man! And I'll take all the money I can get!!!!
  7. I just got the Don Frye UFC figure you get a cut of what I paid??

    How is it going man?
  8. Zing. it was just a Joke my man. Just playin around. You do a good job
  9. Nice job on Shark fights...
    Some great lines LOL
  10. I see, sorry, nevermind below post.....sorry I post something that was already posted
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