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  1. awww get a little bent out of shape cuz i neg'd you for making a mistake in your comment so you go and neg me for something that you make no sense on. ok, bj hasnt competed in 7 years in a grappling event, it doesn't mean he stopped grappling with top level bjj guys. Shields hasnt fought a top ten guy in 3 years, so that means he hasnt fought any top 10 guys in 3 years. BJ doesn't need to compete in a tournament to grapple with top bjj guys.

    And I know BJ got beat by hughes in the second fight. I'm over it, i wasnt disputing that. I was disputing the fact where you stated hughes took advantage of a mentally weak Penn. Which simply is incorrect.

    Don't get so bent out of shape when you're wrong and act like a little kid. I neg'd you because you were wrong. Take it like a man, and get over it.
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