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  1. Thanks for the rep dude... if im not giving opinion, Im just trying to give logical insight.
  2. Calm yourself please. Your rage is unhealthy.
  3. Now your last mesage was funny. I do have a sense of humor, you can Neg rep me all you want, at least give a guy a valid reason..... OR be funny about it. Thats all Im saying
  4. Shhhh, there there... It's okay... You're quite angry now. Take a deep breath and count to ten... It's okay... Everything will be okay...
  5. Your telling me to take it easy??? Thats a joke. Dude you are the one giving me neg rep cause of my name which is just to be funny and you leave me a bogus reason for the neg rep. You could have been honest and said you neg'd me due to the name or if you didnt like my post. Dont be a child about it dude
  6. You're so angry. Easy child. Easy.
  7. Just cause??? Have you not read my posts where I defend Fedor? Do you not have a sense of humor? Or how bout just cause your a fag?
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