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  1. Play any AE lately?
  2. SFxTK son, let's do it.
  3. Most like picking SSFIV as I already traded in my old SFIV
  4. Super Street Fighter IV is on the way.
  5. Yeah it's by MadKatz. Unfortunately the build quality hasn't received any positive reviews.
  6. I hear there is a sega saturn like controller you can buy for the PS3
  7. Very difficult with your standard dual shock 3. Actually wrong shoryuken=>cancel=>super is very easy, but shoryuken=>ex cancel=>ultra combo is very difficult with the PS3 controller.
  8. I am having trouble doing some stuff for sure. I can't seem to cancel stuff midway through like throwing a shoryuken and then throwing a super. Stuff like that.
  9. Yeah there is a whole bunch of stuff that I can't think of off the top of my head right now. But do the combo challenges cause they actually give you a great feel for the actual timing of game in terms of what kind of combo's you can pull that do string together with no interruption. Hmmmmmm. Gen takes quite a bit of damage as well but less than Akuma. Honda's special moves have pretty insane priority.
  10. Feel free to give me tips. I am still feeling stuff out lol
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