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  1. Oh. Well, the ultra one is still pretty strong. Takes almost half the damage bar. I didn't know Akuma took more damage. Anything else I should know? lol
  2. His Raging Demon haha. Yeah Sagat has been power up big time in SFIV. He's one of the character that inflict higher level damage than most. Also if you noticed the higher move set a character has the more damage they take, Both Seth and Akuma take massive amounts of damage compared to Ryu or Ken.
  3. Akuma's what? They are all hadokens and shoryukens to me lol.

    I have a lot of adjusting to do, but I am getting better at the game. I seem to be doing best with Sagat, which is weird because he was never my best character.
  4. Was actually pleasantly surprised to see that we had a 4 bar connection status. Too bad I had to jet since I was just getting warmed up but not to worry. I know you like playing Akuma and but I'm not sure you noticed his "Shun Goku Satsu" kinda sucks now.
  5. Yeah, I like Sakura. I am not amazing with her, but I can rack up some wins with her.
  6. Sure no problem about the time out win LOLz. Sakura eh? Don't find to many of those players... kool.
  7. Message them to me on the PSN. And actually, I need you to do me a favor, when we fight online a few times, let me win one round via time out lol. I have been trying to win one round via time over many times, but the other person ends up getting my health too low and I don't want to risk the loss lol.

    Not ducking you, but like I said, I am still getting used to the new systems. I really want to get good at setting up the EX moves to do sweet combos (especially with Sakura, I have a mean one set up).

    Next week, I am on Spring Break. Plenty of time to play.
  8. Hey Ramma no problem, but I was beggining to think you were ducking me heh heh Just message me when you're ready to throw down in SFIV. Yeah the other members on PSN that I have are thedons17, matmoebe, and randy_S1231. I couldn't remember their member names on mmanews off the top of my head when I messaged you on PSN.
  9. Seems like everytime you message me about going a few fights, I am not around lol.

    I still have to get used to some things in the system. The ex moves and all that stuff.
  10. Glad you like my av's I try to change them up every few days to keep things fresh in the forums.
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