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  1. Ramma
    Any other huge RPG fans in these parts?

    Big fan of Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, VII, IX, XII, and Tactics (though I have played FF I, FF III, etc.), Dragon Quest series, Vagrant Story, Dragon Force, Legend of Dragoon, Xeno Gears, Kingdom Hearts, and hell... even Mysteria lol.

    I like a lot of other stuff like Tekken, Street Fighter, Metal Gear series, Resident Evil, God of War, etc.

    What about you guys?
  2. randy_S1231
    i used to be. back in the SNES days wth Chrono Trigger and FF2 & FF3. Getting that DS version of Chrono.
  3. anonilir
    Yeah RPG's probably my favorite genre. Recently replayed an ol school favorite of mine that they remade on the ds. FF2(iv). It rocked.

    What game this holiday season has been everyones favorite so far? So far I've played fable 2, geow2, fallout 3, and littlebigplanet of these Fable 2 has been my favorite.
  4. randy_S1231
    I passed that one a few weeks ago as well, i previously passed FF3 which was not originally released in the states. Personally my favorite is part 6(3 in SNES). Great story characters and music. it rocked.
  5. anonilir
    Yeah 6/3 def is one of my favorites, I hope they remake that for the ds. BTW hows chrono for the ds?
  6. jhell
    I can't wait for Resident Evil 5^^^^
  7. randy_S1231
    Its pretty much the same thing as the original from what i have seen. they really didnt add anything much, which is fine with me. it probably has a few touch screen things like movement and stuff.
  8. The Funker
    The Funker
    Dang all 3 grapplers club guys are here too lol
  9. SHUA
    hey ramma, ive played and beat like your whole rpg list, but hands down my all-time fave goes to FF tactics. beat it like seriously 30 times doing different stuff everytime. best RPG EVER( next to ff7 of course)
  10. popsicle
    I just bought Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix for xbox live. Capcom has made a ton of money off of me with SF rehashes. Believe it or not the changes are worth the money and it is as addicting as ever. Has anyone purchased it?

    On a separate note my gamertag is popsicle1282 (not 1228). I figured since we are part of a group anyone who wants to send a friend request is more than welcome. Especially if you are up for a game of SF2.

    BTW the hidden bosses Ruby and Emerald Weapon on FF7 were very tough. I had an almost 1 hour battle hitting Emerald Weapon with Knights of the Round over and over and over. Great game!!
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