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  1. anonilir
    k, added you Ramma, anyone else wants to add me feel free
  2. anonilir
    Anyone check out the ufc demo yet. It's not too bad I guess, I really don't like how you have so much control standing up but you basically click one button to try and pull off a submission. Also they let you pass guard way too easily. I think the ground aspects of the game need some work. Every time I'd go to pull off a submission after beating on the chuck for a while with shogun he'd just roll me and be in side control. This happened like every time. The only way I was able to win was standing and just throwing a whole bunch of combos. Anyone else give this a try and what did you think?
  3. NAL987
    Yeah the demo is pretty fun, I definitly agree that the ground game needs some work but you can only put so much into it I guess, me and my brother found out how to do a triangle and you actually have to do rubber guard and then do it so its a little better than just pushing one button but its really difficult to get, i'm thinking that the demo is pretty much gonna be like the game anyways, and its the first ufc game in years and they're saying they want to make this an on going series like other sports games
  4. SHUA
    damn? does anyone post in here anymore? i figured that since undisputed came out,people would be posting stuff about what they've done and such. guess not? c'mon people, WHERE U AT?
  5. NAL987
    Yeah well I figured since I was the last one to post back in April that noone posts in here anymore which sucks.. BUT since a couple new games have came out possibly there'll be some posting.. Undisputed is great at times then again it is fuckin horrible, can you ever submit anyone in career mode EVER?? To me its getting kinda repetitive like they just focused on the standup, but then again you cant really do much with the standup once your about 20 fights in..All in all I do like the game though.....Has anyone bought Infamous yet??? I dont wanna hear about the demo cause we all have it, I wanna know what the game is actually like...
  6. Ramma
    Castle Crashers is an awesome game. I'm so glad it is coming to the PS3
  7. NAL987
    Still noone in here?

    Dantes Inferno?

    new Call Of Duty reviews?

    Any other new games recently?
  8. Ramma
    Played the hell out of Demon's Souls and Little Big Planet
  9. end it with a left
    end it with a left
    Ramma and Shua I had saw that in earlier posts you both really liked ff tactics well its literally my favorite game ever. I was just wondering if either of you or anyone on here has played gladiator for the game cube. very similar game play?
  10. end it with a left
    end it with a left
    well speaking of tactics is looks like I will be playing a bit of it for the next couple weeks as my house was robbed the other day and i will probably be waiting a month or two to get my insurance check to replace my x-box and shit
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