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  1. Ramma
    Street Fighter series rules popsicle. Greatest fighting game series out there. Runner up is Tekken.

    Yeah Shua, Tactics is my 2nd favorite (sometimes third, but usually 2nd) RPG. The game is totally the unsung hero of the RPG world. Not that many people have played it because they think the battle system looks stupid (of course, it is friggin addicting).

    I've beaten it a few times, both the original and the remade one (Balthier being in it is awesome lol. I loved using him and Cloud at the end). The one game I have beaten a good 40 times was Chrono Trigger.
  2. homegrowncone
    Where's the love for Secret of Mana? That game was doing co-op RPG'ing 15 years before Fable II !!
  3. Ramma
    Actually, I am replaying Secret of Mana as we speak. I DLed it onto my Wii and me and two friends are beating it slowly but surely. I beat it once years ago. Really fun game. If anyone hasn't played it, you should play it.

    I am really thinking about DLing Megaman 9 for the Wii. I hear it is a good play.

    Word is that UFC 2009 isn't getting released until December '09 now.
  4. NAL987
    What up guys! Ive had chrono trigger for a couple years and still havent beat it, im stuck.. FFV is one of my favs. but after i played FF12 i want all rpgs to be like that... now onto new games, i still havent played littlebigplanet, whats the word on that?
  5. SHUA
    where you stuck at nal? im sure i or ramma can help you? fu**in classic game! they don't make em like that anymore
  6. NAL987
    Havnet played for a long ass while but im pretty sure I remember fighting some Holograph lady haha..and she had like 4 screens behind here that would heal her..i think i was looking at walkthroughs and it said not to destroy em cause if you do she just had hit points that pretty much automatically kill you...I need a damn gameshark...
  7. anonilir
    Nal littlebigplanet is really fun imo, my son got it and I thought it looked stupid, its pretty much sidescrolling but what they do is innovative, also some of the user created levels are just amazing. I really liked the new battle system in ff12 too, most people seem to love it or hate it, I can't see going back to the old system after playing that though. I dled a demo of megaman 9, its fun but man I forgot how hard the megaman games were. Didn't know mana was available to dl for the wii yet, might have to replay that one.
  8. NAL987
    thanks anonilir. You cant dl any demos so guess im just gonna have to buy it, on the network theres a shit load of add-ons also.. since theres not a whole lot of variety in ps3 games you can buy right now, im just gonna have to buy that, looks awesome though..Also the new Prince Of Persia, any word on that? The whole series before it I thought was great.
  9. popsicle
    The new Prince of Persia is pretty good. It does not have as much substance as Sands of Time. It is more about combat and nice visuals than actual thinking and trying to solve problems. Sands of Time is more enjoyable, but dont get me wrong the new POP is fun as well.
  10. LookitsLance
    Im thinking about trading in GoW2(because its not GoW1) and GTA4(because I just didn't get into it) for a new game, any suggestions? I really want something with online, hows the new CoD?
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