Metal Messiahs

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  1. optimusjoel
    optimusjoel crazy germans

    she males from outer space of death , is also a really good and their eps are free to dl
  2. Trodden
    As Blood Runs Black is really fukn great. I'm still hooked on Divine Hersey and the new Fear Factory. The Faceless and Vehemence are two of the best out there.
  3. mmauler
    Devildriver,Chimaira,Shadows Falls,Lamb of God,Machinehead,Hatebreed,But I like all Metal except Hair Metal.
  4. Trodden
    psychocydd dot com is a great site that only torrents metal. great shit on there. I'm digging the new Trivium, but can't wait for the new Opeth.
  5. Trodden
    The new "As Blood Runs Black" is amazing!
  6. thefirm0
    thy art is murder,oceano, infant anihilator, and hell followed with, in hearts wake
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