Ever fart and accidentally shit a little?

  1. Leucoethiops
    Ever do it in a social setting?

    Did you panic?

  2. LefthookStcrook
    Totally, and totally.

    Ive seen me working, driving 4 hours and had to lean for a fart..only for it to be a shart.

    Had to call my boss, tell him im spending some money off the company credit card and he can take it from me if he wants, So I stopped and bought myself new drawers, had to be done. No way I was going to rest of the day working and a 4 hour drive back home in sharted in boxers.
  3. Cat--Smasher
    Farts are a lot like a relationships, the more you have to force it, the more likely its shit.
  4. BonesKnows
    ive done it but never in public. Now driving and having to stop and take a dump and then having to toss your socks after because there are no papertowles in the car is another story hahaha
  5. Fe1
    Just once in public. I'd rather not go into detail but suffice to say that the poutine at the Lincoln Big Stop was a bad idea...

    I wish I could say that I've only had it the once.
  6. Sniggles
    Not in public but after I got out of the shower in Costa Rica and put on all my clothes... I shat my pants bad. Ate too much tropical fruit and drank the water. Lol. Needless to say, I had another shower.
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