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  • 09-17-2006, 09:10 PM
    fuck!!!! the video is gone! bisping vs the snake!!! that would be sick! any other link. I was really impressed with the snakes performance against shogun last week.
  • 09-17-2006, 08:47 PM
    Fedors Daddy
  • 09-17-2006, 05:04 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Fedors Daddy
    Feel free to explain why you think so.

    'BS' is not satisfactory reasoning to counter my observations that demonstrated that your post was, erm..., bs.

  • 09-16-2006, 08:55 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by SASK_MMA
    Untill i see Bisping fight somemore guys, id have to say The Sanke wins...
    Curious to hear your reasoning behind that. Bisping hung with him in a kickboxing match and the snake has no ground game. By the way check out youtube they have a bunch of bisping's fights from cage rage if you are not familiar with him.
  • 09-16-2006, 08:43 PM
    Untill i see Bisping fight somemore guys, id have to say The Sanke wins...
  • 09-16-2006, 08:38 PM
    Unless Cyrille (sp) gets some kind of a ground game he has no chance against Bisping. The only way you can say that he is creating all the buzz is if you only watch pride. In which case you would be a UFC hater. I don't know.

    Until his fight with Shogun I had never heard of him. Bisping on the other hand was the cage rage LhW champ. I knew him. While Cyrille had a good showing against shogun I don't think he is anywhere near the level of Bisping. Until I see a more well rounded game from him I for one am not buying into the hype. Bisping is far superior right now and probably will be for a long time. He has too many weapons.
  • 09-16-2006, 08:31 PM
    Fedors Daddy
  • 09-16-2006, 12:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Fedors Daddy
    Bisping seems like a cocky bastard. While Cyrille seemed like a really down to earth guy.
    I disagree with your take on it. Neither came off as a saint, but Cyrille seemed full of shit to me where as Bisping is much more honest (down to Earth) with his views. (bet you’d never have guessed I’d be on Bisping’s side lol)

    Quote Originally Posted by cyrilledia
    My fight against Bisping was about a year and half ago. I was out of shape, uninspired and most of all not motivated at all. Infact my goal has been PRide for the past years and every fight i ve fought (1 or 2 exceptions apart) have been fought with little motivation
    This is the first thing he says. The obvious translation is “I am much better than Bisping. The only reason I didn’t kick his ass was because I couldn’t be bothered.”

    Clearly inflammatory bs. He is being a ‘cocky bastard’.

    Quote Originally Posted by cyrilledia
    Its a dream come true for me...PRIDE....and as long as i m fighting there i will show the same motivation/skills/heart.
    Translation: I always wanted to get my motivation/skills/heart/face stamped on by Shogun.

    Quote Originally Posted by cyrilledia
    Going back to my Bisping fight the video doesnt show the round were i clearly dominate him. I think Bisping is sloppy but still can be a dangerous striker coz he puts all his energy into every strike. How would he do against a technical fighter? Bad! How would he do against Shogun? Bad!
    Hrm… Bisping is sloppy?... most viewers thought Bisping won that fight, and Bisping has improved his striking severalfold since then. His ground game is also far better than Snakes, so no he would not do ‘bad’ against a ‘technical fighter’ or (imo) Shogun. Well not as bad as he did anyway.

    Can’t you see that Cyrill is being… a snake? What is ‘down to earth’ about his post here? He’s picking a fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fedors Daddy
    And if anyone needs help with their MMA carrer, it would be Bisping..he has been injured, and has not done anything to draw attention to himself. While Cyrille is starting to draw a fairly large amount of buzz for having superior stand-up.
    No. Bisping is undefeated and will be for some time – he is also a bigger name in the ‘States through TUF. Snake is 10-6-1 and his Pride debut was a disaster (they hired him as a can lol). Your claim that Bisping needs more help than him in his career is ludicrous.

  • 09-16-2006, 05:35 AM
    Fedors Daddy
    there actually ARE real fighters who post on sherdog, even the one and only Bas Rutten has appeared there a few times (after his WFA fight). Notice the section called "Ask The fighters"? it is there for a reason, there is even one thread, where Enson "Yamato Damashi" Inoue contacted a poster on sherdog forums, they scheduled to meet, had a "sparring" match and Enson tore up the fans face..but now Enson considers him family, and they party and train together. There is a VERY long thread regarding all this, and Enson remains an avid poster to this date ( along with many other fighters ) on that forum.
    Link to the Enson thread -
    Its easy to tell who is a pro fighter, and who is a regular poster.
    Underneath the names, it says "Proffessional Fighter", with no stupid belt in the avatar like they have on sherdog.

    Here is even a link to a list of all the current fighters who post on
  • 09-16-2006, 04:58 AM
    Someone please tell, what makes the people over there, and here believe that, those are truly the snake and Bisping. Seriouslly So your telling me I can go on there make my name The ICEMAN or Chuck Liddel and you guys would fall for it?? LOL where's the proof??
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