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  • 09-10-2009, 04:17 AM

    agree with all picks except BJ will win over Mousasi. Sorry. Round 2 matchups?

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  • 08-14-2009, 08:14 AM
    Joe, I agree with all of your winners with the exception of Mousasi/Penn and Brown/Rua.

    That's my vote
  • 08-12-2009, 10:41 PM
    Fedorlei Gomipierre
    My only thing about the entire idea of P4P rankings currently in a tourney form, is that I feel that Brock Lesnar circumvents all technical proficiency via his utter physicality, just mauls everybody. I mean, he's that one fighter who is just fearfully intense and is like an untamed bull. Do I believe Anderson or Machida are better fighters? YES. But I feel like Lesnar, in a one on one bout, destroys everybody, even Fedor, because of his beastly size and physical attributes.
  • 08-12-2009, 04:04 AM

    Pound for Pound Tourney

    Alright here is how this will work there are going to be 16 fighters from all different weight divisions. This is not a catch weight tourney, this is a tourney based on skill set, positives and negatives, and past performances. So please take weight out of it, if BJ Penn is fighting Allistar Overeem I understand that if that fight would actually happen then Overeem would destroy Penn based on Size, but we are only talking about skill set, all is equal. So here is round one, I'll check back in 4 days and take votes and figure out who is going on to round two.

    1. Fedor v 16. Faber
    2. GSP v 15. Josh Barnett
    3. Lyoto Machida v 14. Miguel Torres
    4. Anderson Silva v 13. Rampage
    5. Aoki v 12 Dan Henderson
    6. Lesnar v 11. Fitch
    7. Penn v 10. Gegard Mousasi
    8. Mike Brown v 9. Shogun

    I understand that I probably left out a fighter that belongs but this is the best that I could do. Here are my picks

    1. Fedor beats Faber after Faber gets wild like he did in the first fight with Mike Brown and Fedor knocks him out. I see this going a lot like the Fedor v Arlovski fight. Fedor by KO in the late first.

    2. GSP beats Barnett by decision, their wrestling will cancel each other out. GSP is more skilled on his feet and his cardio is way better. Unanimous Decision GSP.

    3. Machida over Torres, Miguel wouldn't be able to be patient enough and he would try to slug with Machida. Since Machida hasn't been able to be hit yet I don't see Torres being the guy to do it. Machida by KO in the 2nd.

    4. Anderson Silva is too dominant on his feet for Rampage. Rampage stands a chance with a huge right hand, but I don't see that happening. Anderson Silva by TKO in the third.

    12. Hendo over Aoki. I almost wanted to call this a draw, I think that Aoki's speed will nullify Hendo's power, but I think that in the end Henderson ekes out a split decision by doing a bit of lay and pray in the third round.

    6. Lesnar beats FItch. He won't finish him, Fitch is an animal and will take Lesnar into deep water. I think that Lesnar's strength and tenacity will earn him a decision because I don't see Fitch tapping him.

    10. Mousasi finishes Penn in the 3rd. This will be the fight of the night. Penn will be dominate early and then gas. Mousasi will finish him with strikes on the ground in much the same way that Hughes did in their second fight.

    8. I know that I ranked Brown higher but most people would view this as a huge upset. Brown will win this fight by decision, he has incredible strength and he hits like a brick. I say Brown wins every round on his way to an easy decision.

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