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  • 08-01-2013, 09:49 PM
    Georges St. Pierre has 'secret' plan for 'super fight' future that will 'blow up' the Internet
    His words (via MMA Fighting):

    "There are things I wanna do in my career and I can't tell you right now -- Rory (MacDonald) as well -- and we have plans. You'll see in time. It's better if I keep it secret then when it comes, it's gonna blow up. We'll see. I'm very interested. 'Super fight' doesn't mean I have to go ... it's 15 pounds between categories. It's a lot of options. We'll see."
  • 07-27-2013, 05:29 PM

    "I'm going to ask you a question," White told "Inside MMA" reporter Ron Kruck on Friday. "[MacDonald] basically lives in Georges St-Pierre's house, meaning he trains there in his training facility. He lives in Montreal, Canada. Georges St-Pierre says nothing but good things about this guy. What's he going to do? Is he going to run out in front of the whole world and beat his chest and say, 'I want Georges St-Pierre's title, and I'm going to take it from him' and all this stuff? No, he's not.

    "But if you don't think he wants to fight Georges St-Pierre, if you don't think he wants a shot at that 170-pound title, and if you don't think he wants to be the world champion and make the kind of money that Georges St-Pierre makes, you're crazy, my friend."

    White said it simply doesn't make sense for MacDonald, who meets Ellenberger in tonight's FOX-televised co-headliner at Seattle's KeyArena, to even discuss the possibility right now. MacDonald (14-1 MMA, 5-1 UFC) is currently ranked No. 6 in the USA TODAY Sports/ MMA welterweight rankings, and he needs a win over No. 3 Ellenberger (29-6 MMA, 8-2 UFC) to solidify his case for a title shot. But White said that if he gets it, MacDonald could be singing a different tune some Sunday.

    "When you get there, I guarantee you it will be a different conversation," White said. "And I also guarantee you that in no way, shape or form does Georges St-Pierre think that Rory MacDonald doesn't want to fight him."
    Georges St-Pierre Defends Rory MacDonald and Says, “I’m not fighting Rory” (video)
  • 07-24-2013, 08:28 AM
    Georges will move up if he beats Hendricks...
  • 07-24-2013, 06:20 AM
    Rory is possibly the only guy I'd be routing for Georges to beat... Lol...that's kind of a good fight for me actually. I dislike both fighters, so no matter who loses I'm kinda happy...

    Rory will likely have to make that desicion soon, hopefully he can be swayed. It's just plain silly to fight in a devision if you won't fight for the belt in it... And it's silly for him to wait for Georges to lose to fight someone else for the belt. Silly and risky. If he refuses to fight the current champ he should switch classes. Just my opinion.
  • 07-24-2013, 01:02 AM
    But the way Zahabi figures it, anyone who wants to start thinking about a MacDonald vs. St-Pierre title fight, the timing might just work out perfectly for a smooth transition. When St-Pierre is ready to hang up the gloves, MacDonald should be just about ready to be a champ in Zahabi's eyes – though he didn't speculate on how soon that might be.

    And the idea of MacDonald seeing just how well St-Pierre does for himself as champion, and having that make him want to put friendship aside to go for the title, doesn't hold water for Zahabi.

    "There's a lot of greed in the world, but not everybody's like that," he said. "There are more important things than money. Rory makes a lot of money, as well. He's very successful. When Georges is retiring, Rory will be nearing his peak, I think. I don't think it's worth making such a show out of it."
  • 07-23-2013, 10:50 PM
    Pasha K
    First of all Rory has said that he would not be fighting GSP, and after that, Dana himself said that if Rory saw GSP's bank account, he would change his opinion.

    If Dana does not remember that, he will remember it when Rory says it again in the near future.
    LOL and then Dana is going to be all pissed as always because it would be another superfight that he can not make happen hahaha.
  • 07-23-2013, 08:10 PM
    If Rory MacDonald gets past Jake Ellenberger, he faces his toughest decision

    If that happens, that’s where team loyalty, friendship and career goals turn into massive contradictions for MacDonald. He and St-Pierre have trained together, and clips of them sparring just aired over the weekend on FOX’s Countdown to the Octagon. St-Pierre has gone on record as saying that MacDonald will, in time, surpass him and have even more career success.

    White has talked in the past that when the day comes, and MacDonald realizes the kind of money St-Pierre makes as champion, that he’ll want that shot. For now, MacDonald isn’t convinced.

    "No, I won’t be fighting Georges," he said, leaving no room for interpretation. "When the fight comes, if we ever had to meet up, we wouldn’t fight. I’m not fighting him."

    MacDonald said that he feels he could move up to 185 pounds if St-Pierre remains in the way of his path to welterweight gold. In doing so, he’d be sacrificing the strong power edge he has over most fighters at 170, a weight he has no trouble making. But there is still a lot on the horizon, including both men’s next fight, to where it’s not a decision he has to think about.

    "We’ll see," he said. "I don’t want to think about it until the time. I’ll keep fighting. He’ll keep fighting. It’ll work its way out. I could go up (to middleweight) for sure."

    MacDonald attributes his neck problems to the way he trained, and his excitement to avenge his loss to Condit. People talk about things being a life-changing loss, but in his case, that was it.

    MacDonald, then 20, had one UFC fight when he was thrown to the wolves against Condit, a heavy favorite and one of the best welterweights in the world for years. Surprisingly, he dominated Condit for two rounds, before getting tired and finished in the third.

    So he left Kelowna, his family, his training partners, his girlfriend and all of his friends. "After I lost to Carlos, I moved two months later."

    "There were lots of changes," he said. "French speaking is the big one. It’s a bigger city, not knowing where I was going was a big one, not having things here, like a car, resources, it was all new coming here by myself. But it was a good experience for me."

    "I was pretty excited to rematch him," he said about the scheduled March fight. "I still am. I think I was a little too excited, too anxious. I’m taking a different mindset now. What’s in the past is in the past. If we ever do fight again, it’ll be completely different from the first fight. I won’t bring any ill will from the first fight. I’ll be a new fight, a new completely different fight."

    The injuries, one of which happened training wrestling, the other in jiu-jitsu, were his warning sign that he was getting too excited in camp.

    "It’s different," he said about the mental aspect of his training now. "It’s not my training regimen that’s different. It’s more my attitude, a little bit of the intensity, the movements, how I’m moving my body. It’s not my training that’s different."

    MacDonald talks in a very deliberate cerebral style when discussing Ellenberger, noting his training has been more to focus on getting himself in the best possible condition, and not tailoring his training to his opponent’s style.

    "He’s a good fighter, a powerful striker, good KO artist," said MacDonald. "He’s got a lot of things going for him and some things that are weaknesses, and I believe my strengths will exploit those weaknesses."

    Ellenberger has been working hard building up the fight, in particular saying that he doesn’t think MacDonald should be ranked No. 3 by the UFC.

    "I haven’t said anything that wasn’t true," Ellenberger said last week at a UFC press call. "And my message to Rory is pretty clear, for him to start testing some flavors of baby food and find out which ones you like and stock up, because this isn’t the Tears for Fears look alike contest. All I said to him was prepare for some horizontal television time, and I meant it."

    MacDonald admits he wasn’t expecting the new Ellenberger when it came to his building up the fight, but isn't concerned with it one way or the other.

    "It’s very unusual the way he speaks about a lot of things," said MacDonald. "I really don’t understand some of his one-liners. Some of them feel like he’s rehearsed things he wrote down, but I really don’t know. I don’t really care. I just want to fight someone and I want to fight the best in the world. That’s all it is. That’s my job. It’s nothing personal."
  • 07-18-2013, 06:02 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by orion_damage View Post
    I'm sure Dana could wave some pretty money in his face to entice him a bit.

    Rory would fight GSP if Dana came to him with the offer. For some reason I get this untrustworthy vibe when I see the guy.
    He likely will. Hell he got both Jones and Silva talking about fighting eachother.
  • 07-18-2013, 04:21 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    Didnt we hear the exact same thing about Jones and Evans?
    Im not saying they wont fight, just pointing out that Rory said precisely what Dana said he never did. But I guess Dana lying isnt exactly breaking news, my bad.
  • 07-18-2013, 04:05 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by dimerules28 View Post
    Rory was a guest on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and made it clear he wouldn't find GSP - (via MMA Fighting):

    "We're not fighting," MacDonald said. "Me and Georges are friends, we're training partners. We'll have our own arrangements and figure it all out when the time comes. It's not going to come to us fighting. Friends, teammates, you know? We're here to help each other."
    Didnt we hear the exact same thing about Jones and Evans?
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