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  • 09-23-2013, 09:27 PM
    Chael Sonnen calls Jones vs. Gustafsson 'best fight in history,' fires back at Wanderlei Silva
    "Wanderlei's version is, ‘I'd really love to do it, but the UFC just hasn't offered it to me.' But anyone who believes the UFC hasn't offered tried to put on this colossal mega-fight between two guys that genuinely disdain each other is more than silly. It's a level of ridiculousness," Sonnen said.

    "Am I picking on him? Yeah, I'm picking on him. This dates way back to when he was fighting in Japan. I'm the first guy to ever point out the fact that those were fake, that he wasn't winning fights in Japan. That he didn't go 22-0. These were set-up matches, and it pissed him and ‘Cro Cop' off. But as soon as I said it, other guys started coming out and going, ‘Oh, Chael's right.' From Gary Goodridge to Mark Coleman, to Don Frye coming out, ‘Yeah, we were in the back and yeah, these were set-up.' He's upset about that, but it doesn't change the reality of what happened."

    Sonnen eventually moved on, accepting a spot to fight on UFC 167's co-main event opposite Rashad Evans, a friend and sometimes co-host on UFC programming. However he made it clear, the match-up wasn't his preference.

    "We're in the fight business for a reason -- to fight," Sonnen said. "There's people out there I don't like. But at the same time, if those people are preferring to do their fights over subtitled videos, and the rest of us prefer to do our fights in the Octagon, we've got to operate within that hierarchy. There's not a lot we can do."
  • 09-23-2013, 02:51 PM
    Pasha K
    I like really much Wandi but he has looked very bad in this whole Chael drama.
    He made a 4 minute video where he was pretending to be so damn mad, but it looked all forced and fake.
    And now here once again he is saying how much he wants to destroy him and how much he wants to humiliate him, however when the fights is offered to him, he refuses it.

    As for the "Rashad will destroy him" stuff, well he also said that Shogun will retire him.

    Wand does not want the fight with Sonnen at all.
  • 09-23-2013, 01:39 PM
    Huge Silva fan here from way back but the only thing that Silva destroys this time is a little more of what's left of his reputation and a few more brain cells. No offense to other Silva fans as I love the dude as much as anyone. It would be awesome if he managed landing a bomb and made Sonnen eat his words though! But I think Sonnen blankets him for three rounds no matter where it is at.
  • 09-23-2013, 11:36 AM
    Dana clearly said Wandy was injured until the new year. Wandy says he wants to fight Sonnen as soon as he is healthy, probably in the new year. Sonnen did not want to wait another 4-5 months for a fight...

    Silva said he wanted PPV points but that is not what was holding off on Dana making the fight, it was the fact Silva was injured.
  • 09-23-2013, 11:24 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by BonesKnows View Post
    i find it odd that i keep hearing Wandy say he wants to destroy Chael - yet everythimg Chael accepts the fight (usually on live tv or during a post fight interview) it seems Wandy wants no part of that said fight until AFTER Sonnen is already matched up with a new fighter.
  • 09-23-2013, 11:20 AM
    i find it odd that i keep hearing Wandy say he wants to destroy Chael - yet everytime Chael accepts the fight (usually on live tv or during a post fight interview) it seems Wandy wants no part of that said fight until AFTER Sonnen is already matched up with a new fighter.
  • 09-23-2013, 09:57 AM

    Wanderlei Silva wants to ‘destroy’ Chael Sonnen in Oregon

    "I’m back to training already, and I will be ready to fight soon," Silva told "I don’t know if I’ll be able to fight this year, depends on what happens. With the way things are going now in the UFC, you have to be ready to fight anytime they call you. During war times, you have to keep your guns always clean."

    It isn't a surprise who Silva wants to face next in the UFC.

    "I talked to the boss and said that I can fight Sonnen in Brazil or in Oregon," he said. "I want to beat him in front of all his friends. I want them to watch how bad I will destroy him. I’d be down to fight in his backyard. You can call all his friends. I want Sonnen to feel ashamed of how bad he’ll be beaten by me."

    Following a first-round win over Mauricio Rua at UFC Fight Night 26, Sonnen meets another former UFC light heavyweight champion as he takes on Rashad Evans on Nov. 16, and the outcome of that bout won’t change Silva’s mind.

    "I would fight him if he wins or loses against Rashad," he said. "I have no problems with that. I’m not that type of guy that only accepts a fight when a guy is coming off a win. That’s an interesting fight and I will have to be ready because he’s a good athlete, and I want to be able to do everything that the fans expect me to do against him: beat his ass."

    However, Silva hopes to meet a "healthy" Sonnen in the UFC after what he predicts to be a one-sided beating delivered by Evans.

    "Rashad will destroy him," said Silva. "I hope he leaves something for me. He won’t get past the second round against Rashad. Rashad will break him, and I’m rooting for Rashad to win."

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