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  • 11-15-2013, 09:48 PM
    I'll be very surprised if Georges loses this fight. I could see Hendricks catching him and knocking him out...but I just don't think Georges will be giving him the looks for that. I'm not emotionally attached here at all, I like both fighters well enough...but I just don't think Johny has the complete skillset to do anything but catch St. Pierre early and hurt him.

    St. Pierre has got superior mobility and the cardio to make a battle of attrition work, not to mention a huge reach advantage--something like 7 or 8 inches. Time is on his side. I think the first round has Georges picking better angles and working the jab and front leg kicks, to slow Johny down even more. If I were Jackson, I would learn from the Condit bout and keep him at range, chipping away and moving, over and over. I wouldn't even have him attempt a TD until that front leg is weak. I'd bet the second round is more of the same hit-and-run strategy, and cue all the GSP haters/Hendricks fans whining and bringing up Kaleb Starnes--without foundation.

    Since I can't remember seeing Hendricks win a third round against an actual WW in his entire career, I'm betting the third round is where the fight starts gets broken open. Hendricks has been put on his back by guys without GSP's skills before, I think this is where a still-pretty-fresh Georges takes advantage of a flagging Johny.

    If Johny catches Georges at all, I think it's here, in the third, when GSP actually starts to look to mix it up.

    But I really see St. Pierre incrementally taking Hendricks apart and taking him down in the third. I see him passing guard repeatedly, and if he's smart, he'll work the body/head rather than going for submissions. Again, time is on Georges' side. Grind grind grind, take the lungs as well as the lead leg, get him tender for the fourth.

    I'm going to be really bold here: I think Georges goes for broke in the 4th and actually breaks Hendricks spirit. I think St. Pierre finishes him with a submission after taking him deep into the championship rounds. I don't think Johny has the experience to keep emotionally/mentally strong after getting frustrated for so long, and when Georges actually starts to impose his will, I think it's not going to be pretty for Hendricks fans. I'm going to even go as far as to say it's either a kneebar or a heelhook.

    And then, I believe Georges retires...particularly if MacDonald doesn't get somehow manage to get himself KO'd by Lawler.

  • 11-15-2013, 09:45 PM
    Pasha K
    Hendricks is really dangerous, but IMO GSP is simply amazing and he will indeed find an answer and he will find a way to win the fight.

    Many people also thought that Nick Diaz would be a serious challenge to St Pierre, and GSP made him look like a noob
  • 11-15-2013, 08:50 PM
    true..he has the Ko power and a fantastic wrestler. very complete. I just feel Gsp will have an answer. Now a Gsp that gets pushed can also get the KO. Gsp wins rounds...time and time again. I would love to see Gsp behind a round or two and see an aggressive Gsp take out a over aggressive Hendricks. I see that happening.
  • 11-15-2013, 08:42 PM
    Hendricks has a skillset which differs entirely from all of the above.
  • 11-15-2013, 06:10 PM
    the challenger usually wants it more. it's hard for the champions to stay as moitivated. that being said. everybody says they're going to beat the champ and they leave crying and broken. I do not believe Hendricks will be able to close distance like he has on previous opponents. I would look to fighters that have fought alves conduit, Diaz...I believe that conduit and Diaz have gone on record as saying GSP will win. Ask alves, fitch and Kos...gsps previous opponents...I bet they say the same.
  • 11-15-2013, 01:24 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by rough-n-tumble View Post
    Say what? You accuse him of being on steroids because he is now smaller, but then state that you actually do not know because you haven't seen him. I'm so glad I never jumped on this wagon, I less more and more every time I read or hear him talk.
    If you watch the video of the interview, you will see that Hendricks was being facetious.
  • 11-15-2013, 01:14 PM
    "Have you seen him in the last two months? He's shrunk a little bit, hasn't he? I don't know. I haven't seen the guy.
    Say what? You accuse him of being on steroids because he is now smaller, but then state that you actually do not know because you haven't seen him. I'm so glad I never jumped on this wagon, I less more and more every time I read or hear him talk.
  • 11-15-2013, 01:02 PM
    I have a strong feeling that Johny is going to knock GSP out, and I have never felt that about any of his opponents.
  • 11-15-2013, 11:14 AM
    At this point, Hendricks wants it so much more than GSP does. I truly believe that we will see an upset. Georges does not look as cocksure as he usually does.
  • 11-15-2013, 10:50 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Leucoethiops View Post
    Unless he chokes, I think Hendricks wins by TKO in the first or second; and I think GSP retires, regardless of the fight's outcome.
    I could see Hendricks getting an early finish, however, I think GSP plays it safe and grinds out another snoozefest 5-round fight. If he wins I can see a retirement speech. If he loses I don't see him retiring and leaving on a lose. No way, no how.
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