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  • 06-20-2014, 08:43 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Goremire View Post
    Is that the one he skipped because he had to look after his sick mother?
    yes. He mailed the commission results from a totally credible lab a week later, still got a huge payday against a diverticulitis-ed lesnar. It was really, really totally believable.

    ...then after that, he failed a test while he wasn't on contract at more than 14x the "normal" T/E ratio, and he still got another big payday fight with JDS after simply agreeing to provisional testing.

    I'm not a Wandi mark at all. I believe he's dirty, and I honestly think he's done: Too many miles in too many wars. But lets not pretend he's worse than guys that are active on zuffa's roster--guys that will probably get marquee fights in the near future.

    fuck dana's sanctimonious attitude.

  • 06-20-2014, 07:13 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Overeem ran from a test, and fought less than six months later.

    Is that the one he skipped because he had to look after his sick mother?
  • 06-19-2014, 11:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Overeem ran from a test, and fought less than six months later.

  • 06-19-2014, 11:20 PM
    Overeem ran from a test, and fought less than six months later.

  • 06-19-2014, 10:38 PM
    Relieved' Wanderlei Silva claims NSAC drug problem 'solved,' resumes training for Chael Sonnen fight
    His words (via MMA Fighting):

    "I am relieved to have solved this problem. We explained to them the circumstances and that I was not using any PEDs. I injured my wrist in February and after that I felt extreme pain in training, so I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory that made me swell up, so then I started taking diuretics to expel the water out. When they sent that guy to my gym I was still taking diuretics, and when you fail a test people don't want to know if it was diuretics or steroids. I don't use PEDs or steroids, I have never used it and I've never had any problems in that area. I have never failed a doping test before. I have nothing to hide and I am glad we solved this. Now I'm waiting for Sonnen's suspension to end or Belfort to get licensed. Let's go to the next. I will keep training 100 percent."

    Dana White: Wanderlei Silva is 'very wrong' if he thinks he's solved NSAC drug test issues
    In fact, he believes "Axe Murderer" is still in a world of trouble. In White's view, it would have been better of he pissed hot -- which he would have -- than evading the test altogether.

    His words:

    "I'm not the athletic commission, but I think he's very wrong. I think he's in big trouble. You can not run away from a test. You can't do it, and it sets a very bad precedent. He would have been better off taking the test and testing positive than running from the test. But I'm not a commission member. Maybe I'm wrong and he's right. We'll see what happens."

    According to White, he and Silva have always had a mutual respect for each other. And even though he has no say in the matter as far as potential punishment goes, he's confident he and Silva will be cool once this ordeal is is behind them.

    He explains:

    "He (Silva) and I have always dealt well with each other. Running from the test is as bad as it gets, though. Basically the Nevada State Athletic Commission is the judge and the jury, and they're going to handle it. Whatever happens, he will have his sentence and do whatever the commission says. Once he's through that, he and I will be cool."
  • 06-11-2014, 03:36 PM
    UFC vet Wanderlei Silva called to appear at next week's NSAC meeting\
    NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar requested the fighter’s presence at a June 17 meeting in Las Vegas, but he’s yet to receive a response, he told MMAjunkie. Regardless of whether or not Silva shows, however, he said the commission will review the case and decide whether any administrative actions will be taken.

    On June 2, Silva received a letter from the commission via certified mail: “The Nevada State Athletic Commission believes that you have information important to the commission, and … is requiring your attendance at the next Commission meeting. At that time, the Commission will discuss your ability to compete in unarmed combat.”
  • 05-13-2014, 09:59 PM
    Green light! NSAC grants UFC 173's Dan Henderson, UFC 175's Chael Sonnen licenses to fight sans TRT in Las Vegas
    Good news out of Las Vegas, Nevada, as reports surfaced earlier today (May 13, 2014) that long-time Team Quest bandmates Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen have been granted their respective licenses to compete in "Sin City" soon.

    Why is that big news?

    Well, it means that both men have their testosterone levels under control now that no professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter is allowed to undergo testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) thanks to a recent ban.

    MMA Fight Corner's Heidi Fang was in attendance during the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) hearing this afternoon and provided updates via Twitter:

    Chael Sonnen approved for a license for #UFC175 by the NSAC.
    — Heidi Fang (@HeidiFang) May 13, 2014

    Dan Henderson says he's had a great training camp, feels great & ready for Cormier. He's approved for a license by the NSAC for #UFC173
    — Heidi Fang (@HeidiFang) May 13, 2014

    According to Fang, Sonnen was asked if he's felt any difference since getting off TRT, to which he answered by saying he couldn't tell if it was because of the lack of medication or if it was because he switched camps. He did admit that training has been hard, but never once wavered.
  • 05-03-2014, 12:04 PM
    Chael Sonnen credits Paul Heyman for saving TUF: Brazil 3

    When Chael Sonnen went to Brazil for nine weeks to coach the third season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, he thought he prepared himself for every possible scenario.
    The basic concept of his run on the show was simple and natural. He was going to be hated, since Wanderlei Silva is a legendary older native fighter whose career and body of work speaks for itself. While it doesn't happen every season, in the most notable seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, it comes down to conflicting coaches. While good guy and bad guy may sound and really is simplistic generally speaking, in conflict, fans will pick and choose. And in Brazil, they aren't likely to be picking an American who was best known for unleashing verbal barrages against a national hero in Anderson Silva.

    But very quickly, Sonnen was thrown for a loop. He sensed the roles were reversing, that Silva's antics were going to make Sonnen popular in Brazil, something he didn't think was how it should be. And it's not what he wanted. While in Brazil, largely out of communication with the U.S. past the Internet, he went to someone for advice. He knew, given that everything on the show had to be kept confidential, he'd have to confide in someone he ultimately could trust, because he had signed non-disclosure agreements. Out of seven billion people on the face of the Earth, he chose Paul Heyman,

    Paul Heyman is, if nothing else, a brilliant pro wrestling character. He was the mastermind behind Extreme Championship Wrestling in the 90s, and for the last 13 years, has worked on-and-off with World Wrestling Entertainment, at times behind-the-scenes, and at other times as a television character. He's had a string of well-publicized real-life breakups and makeups with the ruling McMahon family. Those who know both would say there are a number of similarities between the Sonnen and Heyman, in that both are strong self-promoters with a gift of gab, and a way of talking themselves out of trouble.

    Heyman is known by many in MMA, because he worked with Lesnar during his UFC run, and there was a solid chance he would have wound up with a promotional position in Strikeforce before that company was sold to UFC.

    "I've never met him, but I know what he's done," said Sonnen. "He's a little bit older than me, so I felt I could trust him. I'm breaking a confidentiality agreement but there were circumstances where I was jammed up and I had to make an executive decision."

    And while it may be an overstatement, Sonnen credits him for saving the season.

    "It was crazy," Sonnen said about his early interaction with Silva. "He gave me the silent treatment for ten days. I never knew what I'd get. It could be passive aggressive, aggressive, just passive, angry, or confrontational. Every day I had to take his temperature. I didn't know what mood I was going to see him in. Some days he'd walk right past me, and that was a good day, with no shoulder bump, and no scowl. Some days I'm coming in and he would put in his mouthpiece, like we're about to fight."

    "To say he was ruining the show may be extreme, but the interaction between he and I is an element of the show that's important. There has to be the interaction of the coaches. It's an important factor. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to handle this. This is the same time I'm losing my grip on my character as a heel. I can feel it slipping away. He's being aggressive. He's skipping practices. He's partying. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to handle this."

    Sonnen said he was at a loss for how to overcome it, because at the time, he didn't know if the Silva silent treatment would last another 50 days. So he got an e-mail address for Heyman, and contacted him. Heyman at first wondered if it was a practical joke, because while he certainly knew of Sonnen, he didn't know him.

    "Paul was a guy that even without knowing him, I knew I could trust him," said Sonnen. "We have mutual friends, Brock Lesnar and (former pro wrestling headliner) C.M. Punk. I knew he was an expert in psychology and I was stuck, working through this spot, having to deal with this, him not talking to me and the reversal of roles that I didn't see coming."

    "He told me, `Listen, you have to shoot (be completely real, not holding back verbally) on him. If he's not playing along, you have to drop everything and shoot on him.' He laid it out a lot more aggressive than that. `You have to drop everything and come clean.' He went into it a lot more detail than that."

    "In many ways, Paul Heyman saved Ultimate Fighter (Brazil) 3. He kept his word. He kept his secrecy up."

    "So not only should we thank Paul for the huge ratings, but we can also blame him for all the bad things."

    Sonnen said the entire time he was there, he was never sure there would be the big fight, mostly because Silva wasn't training and he thought that was strange.

    "My feeling going into it was that it was a little shaky," said Sonnen. "My only piece of evidence is he wasn't working out on the set of The Ultimate Fighter. The Ultimate Fighter gym is the best mixed martial arts gym, they spend top dollar for every piece of equipment you might need. Then the fight broke out and I know after I felt him, I was surprised."

    He was a little smaller, a little weaker and a little slower than I expected. He may have been surprised the other way."

    In the quick skirmish, Silva threw a wild punch, Sonnen ducked and took him down on the concrete. Silva said he injured both his hand and his back. He went to the hospital to get his hand checked out, since he threw bare knuckle punches from the bottom at Sonnen. Sonnen was sucker punched several times by Silva's assistant coach, Andre Dida, while on top.

    "I felt like I was okay, but I had dialog with some guys, including one guy in production the next day and he told me the dialog wasn't coherent the next day. I told him a story that I thought was a pretty good story, but I wasn't getting much of a reaction. He said, `The problem is, you told me the story yesterday.'"

    Sonnen said his head certainly hurt, and he had some lumps, but he didn't feel like he had to go to the hospital.
    But Sonnen concedes that even though he got the better of the first physical altercation, the fight on July 5 in Las Vegas will be totally different. And while he'll verbally take shots at Silva, he also recognizes the fight won't be a day in the park.

    "This won't go down in a 30-second match," he said. "We're going to have to work hard. I can tease Wanderlei, but he's got tremendous heart, he hits extremely hard, especially early. He's a little wild, but if the shot lands, I'm not above being in trouble."
  • 05-03-2014, 11:58 AM

    Mickey, fight is signed for July

    Ha ha Helwani schools Chael at his own game...
  • 05-03-2014, 04:24 AM
    Enough of this pattycake bullshit. Are they going to fight or what?

    This is so fake. Just fight already.
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