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  • 05-28-2006, 10:48 PM
    Matt Boone
    It's a money fight. Shamrock-Forrest would have drawn too, but not as big. However the upside is Forrest would get the "rub", whereas Tito for one has already gotten it dominating Shamrock in the past, and for two he doesn't need it anymore. He can sell himself.

    I doubt Forrest-Bonnar II gets thrown on a card that already has Shamrock-Ortiz II and Arlovski-Sylvia III. Part of me is glad UFC is twice now doing the right thing with who's positioned on top. Arlovski-Sylvia II headlined OVER Ortiz-Griffin, which was a surprise and in reality was backwards from a fan perspective, but made the HW title seem more important than just a big-named match. Same here, an even bigger name match and the same thing, Arlovski-Sylvia III headlining over top of it.

    As far as why the fight is happening, first and foremost - business. Money. Everyone knows that. But even for the fans, Shamrock ISN'T injured this time, Tito IS. Opposite of last time. So there's SOMETHING at least, not much I'll admit but it's something. Plus yeah they're coaching TUF 3 and Ortiz needs another win (in my mind a real win as he didn't beat Forrest) before they throw him to Liddell again. So it makes sense moving forward too. Otherwise you have Ortiz crush Bonnar as well, and you kill off both your hopefuls for the future at 205 lbs.

    Just think, they could have signed Rampage and the whole dynamic would have changed.
  • 05-28-2006, 10:12 PM
    i've already made this post!!!!
  • 05-28-2006, 07:18 PM
    You are correct Rhino, it's just a money fight. That's why both of these guys are coaches on TUF right now also. To make money, sell tickets, and get ratings. I don't think anyone really expects Ken to win the fight. Alot of Tito haters want to see Ken win, but that's about it. Should be a TKO by Tito in the 1st or 2nd round.
  • 05-28-2006, 06:36 PM
    Would really like to see Leban v Koscheck and Bonnar v Jardine again.

    I guess my problem with Ortiz v Shamrock II is that without the "bad blood" this fight wouldn't even go down, I cant imagine Shamrock's game has improved. Not a big Shamrock fan, he has never had the dominant career in the UFC as they try to paint. Think Tito is taking the fight even though injured because the pay day is probably really good right now. 6 - 9 months from now the luster for this fight will be worn off.

  • 05-28-2006, 06:16 PM
    I don't like Tito, but I think he'll win. Shamrock hasn't showed me anything special recently but I would like for Ken to shut Tito up. Plus that could segue into a rubber match. Always a big money maker.

    Griffin/Bonnar 2 would be awesome. Even Jardine/Bonnar 2 could fit nicely into this card.

    In the future here are some fights I would love to see in a similar format.

    Wanderlei Silva vs. Mark Coleman
    Shogun vs. Coleman
    Rampage vs. Chuck
    Koscheck vs. Leben
    Swick vs. Leben
    Franklin vs. Lyoto
  • 05-28-2006, 05:30 PM
    Forrest was supposed to fight Shamrock when Tito backed outta the fight, But for some reason. Tito decided to go ahead and fight despite being "injured", dont mean to sound cynical but this is Tito" I duck opponents" ortiz we are talking bout. So Forrest got moved outta the shamrock fight, But I wouldnt be surprised to see him on the card somewhere. Be really nice to see em up against bonnar, would kinda fit the whole name of the event anyway.
  • 05-28-2006, 02:58 PM

    Ortiz vs Shamrock

    Any reason to think the fight will not end up with the same results as the first fight??? Shamrock looked complete outclassed by Tito as well as Franklin, I guess its the UFC wanting to take advantage of the hype coming out of TUF. I dont think the fight will end up with a much diferent result than the first matchup, maybe even a KO for Tito, I will be all over the fight anyway Also, I saw on a different site about a month ago Shamrock to fight Forrest on the July card, anyone have info on that???

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