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  • 08-19-2006, 10:20 PM
    If I was champion I'd wear the belt around everywhere.Not to remind myself I was the champ or anything ,but I'm sure it would help pick up chicks.
  • 08-19-2006, 08:35 PM
    Tim is like Gollum and the belt is his "Precious"
  • 08-19-2006, 08:09 PM
    I wouldn't wear the belt around, but I would make a respectful joke of it by hiring 4 or 5 huge guys to "guard" the belt anywhere I went for a public apprearance that wasn't a UFC fight event. Maybe buy a little baby carriage and put it to sleep in front of me. Have some fun with it. It is a championship for Christ's sake, not the goddamn cure for cancer.

    Then I would show up at the UFC events looking like a stud. All dressed up to watch the competion WITHOUT the belt and not acting like fool.

    Hell, hockey teams defile the Stanley is unimaginable ways:
    A member of the 1905 Ottawa Silver Seven tried to see if he could drop kick the Cup across the frozen Rideau Canal. The attempt failed, and the Cup was not retrieved until the next day.
    *Weeks after members of the 1906 Montreal Wanderers left it at a photographer's studio, officials learned that the photographer's mother was using the Cup to plant geraniums.
    *Several members of the 1924 Canadiens, en route to celebrate their win at owner Leo Dandurand's home, left it by a roadside after repairing a flat tire. The Cup was recovered exactly where they left it.
    *In 1925, Lynn and Muzz Patrick, the children of Victoria Cougars manager-coach Lester Patrick, discover the Cup in the basement of their home, and scratched their names on the Cup with a nail. In 1940, both Lynn and Muzz would be properly engraved on the Cup as members of the New York Rangers. They would also urinate in the cup with teammates in 1940.
    *New York Islanders' Bryan Trottier admitted not only to sleeping with it (as have, apparently, dozens of players before and since), but also to unscrewing the bowl as a food dish for his dog.
    *In 1988, the Edmonton Oilers' Mark Messier took it to a strip club and let fans drink out of it. The Cup wound up slightly bent in various places for reasons unknown. The Cup was repaired at a local automotive shop, and shipped back to the Hockey Hall of Fame.
    *Both the 1991 Pittsburgh Penguins and 1993 Montreal Canadiens tested its buoyancy, causing it to wind up at the bottom of Mario Lemieux's and Patrick Roy's respective swimming pools ("The Stanley Cup," as pointed out by then-Canadiens captain Guy Carbonneau, "does not float").
    *Sylvain Lefebvre of the 1996 Colorado Avalanche had his daughter baptized in it.
    *In 2003, the Cup was slated to make its first-ever visit to Slovakia with New Jersey Devils' Jiri Bicek , but it never arrived, having inadvertently been left behind in Canada; the Cup made the next flight out of Toronto.
    * On August 22, 2004, Walter Neubrand, keeper of the Cup, was en route to Fort St. John, British Columbia to deliver it to Tampa Bay Lightning head scout Jake Goertzen. However, Air Canada officials at Vancouver International Airport removed the 35-pound (16 kilogram) trophy before takeoff because of weight restrictions. The Cup spent the night in the luggage area, 750 miles (1200 kilometres) away. It was flown to Fort St. John the following day.
  • 08-19-2006, 04:40 AM
    I think class act champions that KNOW they are the best do not wear them for that exact reason. You don't see Chuck, Hughes, Franklin, Fedor, Hendo, Silvia or Gomi modeling the belt around. They KNOW they are the champs and they know you know who they are, they don't need the belt to strut around in, it's just all very fruity.
  • 08-19-2006, 03:35 AM
    I think it would rock if he wore it into Taco Bell, Bed Bath & Beyond, church, or anything like that.
  • 08-19-2006, 03:31 AM
    you can wear it around at ufc events but not at the smaller shows that ive seen him do(local show in portland) thats just stupid, it would be funny to read one day that he got rolled for it. imo fedor is not coming to the ufc, if pride was too let him go that would be a giant mistake, and who would fedor fight besides tim. maybe 2 ww at the same time.
  • 08-19-2006, 01:48 AM
    If I was the champ I'd wear my belt around too.Give Sylvia a brake he earned the right to walk around with that belt.If it was any other champion no one would be talking about it.I'ts ridiculous how people can scrutinize Sylvia so much for basically doing nothing ,but beating a heavily favorited champion.
  • 08-19-2006, 12:01 AM
    id want a shirt that says look at my belt lol
  • 08-18-2006, 11:42 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by baba
    OK.....Tim, listen to me. We know you're the current UFC HW champ. We do. We don't like it, because quite frankly, you're usually an ass, but we all know it. But that doesn't mean you have to wear your belt as a spectator. Do you wear it to the mall? In the shower? At your night Job at the Wendy's drive-through?

    I didn't see Chuck wearing his belt in the crowd. I'm just saying that maybe...just maybe, you're a little too old need a wubbie.
    dude, if i was a UFC champion, i'd never take my belt off. and i'd wear a shirt saying "that's right, it is I, the champion!"
  • 08-18-2006, 11:33 PM
    yea i hate him alot as well but id love to have a belt to strut around with lol
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