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  • 08-30-2006, 09:33 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Samurai
    Ok I have no biased unlike you because UNLIKE YOU I understand that as a fan I can enjoy them both, I also understand that BOXING IS GOING NO WHERE anyone with intelligence and an unbiased opinion would know that... MMA and Boxing are two entirely different sports its like saying Basketball will put down Football.. wont happen. 2nd of all holding on to another boxer in boxing is broken up in like a second so it sounds to me like your just finding things to complain about. The prince guy who is a solid boxer couldnt beat Roy thats why it went to a decision, some fights arent that exciting but you cant judge the whole sport on 1 fight.. go watch the Hopkins-Tarver fight, the Winky-Taylor fight, and theres a long list of other fights that happened THIS YEAR that were extremely exciting.. this was one of the best years of boxing. Learn somethin about boxing before you go on your Anti-boxing rampage.

    my man..... you put it in a way bettter understandment for othewr people......... thanx for that.............
  • 08-30-2006, 08:11 PM
    and I dont believe that Boxing is gonna compete with the UFC I think there two different sports, comparable yes because there is boxing in the UFC but there different sports

    there as different as Rugby is to football.. the only sport I See boxing competing with because it is similar to it is kickboxing, and of course boxing takes the crown there.

    The UFC talks about boxing because hell who else are they gonna compete with in the states? Pride isnt over here yet.. if Pride blew up like the UFC and came to the states (doubt they will) it be UFC vs Pride not UFC vs Boxing, cuz UFC and Pride are the same sport.. and there lies the problem, Boxing is unified and MMA isnt so how can MMA compete with Boxing? Yea its gonna be the #1 combat sport in the world im sure of that.. but I also believe that Boxing has been around for 100 years, MMA is a new thing.. you been watchin Boxing for years and years and a new thing comes along of course its gonna start off with a bang, it will eventually die down but I still believe once it dies down that it will still rank over boxing.. and it has nothing to do with MMA, but more-so that boxing is hurting itself right now but still in good shape.. The Contender gets great ratings and everything and Boxing still fills the stands ( still dont know what fights you were watchin ) And they still bring in a lot of PPV buys, but if the HW division continues to be weak there in trouble..

    Dana White says that Boxing is in deep crap when De La Hoya retires.. I dont believe that my problem with De La Hoya is he could save boxing! if he fought PBF that would draw so many viewers.. yet he keeps rejecting the fight, PBF is the best boxer out right now and the most marketable boxer.. not DLH so Boxing could survive without DLH cuz its got a lot of other stars.. but Boxing could really use a DLH/PBF fight right now and some heavyweights as well.
  • 08-30-2006, 07:59 PM
    im not saying that a PPV isnt a good indication

    im saying comparing a Rahman fight to a Chuck Liddell fight is an unfair comparrison cuz Chuck Liddell is a huge star in the UFC, and Rahman is not

    but if you compare a huge star like Chuck to a star like Trinidad or Winky you find that the buys are very close..theres a good reason for that

    I agree with what your saying about the 11-18 thing but you do realise that it would be very hard for Boxing to take that age group from the UFC, do you see how the UFC markets itself? the music, and all that.. its a lot more attracting to teenagers then it is to adults if you ask me.. and Boxing is more appealing to adults. You kind of need that flashy, highlight reel boxer in boxing to attract the 11-18 year olds.. the Mike Tyson type.
  • 08-30-2006, 07:54 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Samurai
    I dont know what boxing matches your watchin cuz I hardly see them half empty
    Just the ones that come on ESPN while I am flipping channels.

    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Samurai
    and ythe PPV buys in that article is a BS comparrison you cant compare a Rahman fight to a Chuck Liddell fight
    Why not? A PPV is a PPV. In my opinion a good indication of how the sport is doing is how well a PPV does when there isn't a big, huge star headlining the fights. Everyone wanted to watch Tyson destroy someone in 90 seconds back in the day, even people that were not fight fans. His PPVs drew astounding numbers. There isn't anyone in boxing like that now to catch new viewers and then segue them in to some of the lesser known fighters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Samurai
    , what about Trinidad-Wright that got 510,000 to Liddel and Sobral.. thats pretty even!
    Ok...I am not disputing that boxing isn't pulling viewers. I am saying that they are not pulling NEW viewers. If boxing doesn't do something to get the male, 11-18 year old group interested in it, it will decline. If you did a street poll and asked kids between those ages what they watch (boxing or UFC) and recognizable names, I would put a large sum of money that 75% know at least 4 current UFC fighters versus maybe 1 or 2 boxing fighters. I would wager even more money that they have seen a non PPV UFC fight (specifically TUF, but any of the other cable TV shows) as opposed to watching a boxing match.

    I think it will be at least 10 years before any of my predictions come true. It is a war of attrition that I think boxing is going to lose.
  • 08-30-2006, 07:27 PM
    BTW....I see you are a fellow Sabbath fan god...........
  • 08-30-2006, 07:26 PM
    [QUOTE=God][QUOTE=Afro Samurai]
    Quote Originally Posted by God

    I live in Canada and have a couple other sport networks (tsn,sportnet 1,2,3,4, the score), but tsn usually shows boxing fights late every saturday.
    Get the fight network.....they have quite a bit of boxing on, as well as many different MMA organizations.........
  • 08-30-2006, 04:02 PM
    but whats gonna happen when you got UFC, Pride, K-1, etc all competiting for buys.. thats the 1 big problem with MMA its not a unified sport.
  • 08-30-2006, 03:56 PM
    Boxing isn't going anywhere, but it is going to be #2 to MMA as far as Combat Sports go.
  • 08-30-2006, 03:23 PM
    I dont know what boxing matches your watchin cuz I hardly see them half empty

    and ythe PPV buys in that article is a BS comparrison you cant compare a Rahman fight to a Chuck Liddell fight, what about Trinidad-Wright that got 510,000 to Liddel and Sobral.. thats pretty even!
  • 08-30-2006, 06:21 AM
    I was never a boxing fan, but in the past there were always a few fighters that would get through to the mainstream public like me. Tyson, Holyfield, De La Hoya, etc...

    These were all names that I would at least look in the paper the next day to see who won the fight. Currently, I couldn't name a single current boxer. Thats the problem. The article is correct in that fans that would have in the past flocked to boxing are growing up watching MMA and UFC in particular. If you don't replinish your stock of fans you will die out eventually.

    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Samurai
    Boxing matches still fill up the stands and your saying its only loyal fans that watch it now? ya because Boxing matches are often empty these days.. jesus stop making stuff up.
    I don't know if you were being sarcastic here. It looks to me that this is a typo of some sort because you contradict yourself. I can tell you this though, everytime I see boxing on ESPN, the seats are at least half empty. Everytime I see UFC (I am only referencing UFC because it is the predominant MMA in the US) on TV, those seats are packed to the rafters.

    As for PPV is not a good sign for boxing that they only put a few PPV cards on a year and still only get 60,000 buys. UFC puts on 10 to 12 cards a year and is approaching 500,000 buys. The theory behind this is that boxing fans should be hungry for a PPV quality fight, yet they are not buying it.

    Overall, I do not think MMA will put boxing out of business. I think there are only two plausible scenarios:

    1. Boxing slowly fades away to a smaller venue sport. The purse sizes will continually get smaller and smaller. Overseas markets will be more lucrative than the US market and consequently, it will be marketed to them (Europe and Asian specifically) and further alienate US fans.

    2. Boxing will recognize the need to restructure. They will unify at least 2 of the title belt organizations together. They will impliment a more transparent system of how fights are matched up on all levels of the sport. This will hopefully lessen the grumblings that only the top promoters fighters get any big money fights.

    Either way...I see boxing being a smaller sport than it is now in 10 years.
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