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  • 09-04-2008, 02:23 PM
    Affliction is in trouble. They need a TV deal, or it's not going to happen. As shitty as them failing would be, I do have to say the idea of Barnett, Pitbull, and maybe even Fedor as full time UFC fighters gets my nipples hard.
  • 09-04-2008, 01:02 PM
    I really do not think the fight will happen because Fedor has done everything in his power to stay away from the UFC. He has always found an excuse not to go into the UFC, which just baffles me. I mean ok so he got a little noticed in Afflication... imagine if he fought Timmy in the UFC, Fedor right now would be huge and even casual fans would be all over this guy.

    But I agree with Dana, its only about waiting around, Afflication won't be around in 2009 its just going to lose too much money. When that happens really the only org that will be worth going to is going to be the UFC for Fedor. But hey we will see, who knows he might sign with EliteXC to fight Kimbo.
  • 09-04-2008, 07:16 AM
    this is actually a good point and i do believe fedor will beat randy into retirement. Think about all these superfights that are among us in the next year. fights mma fans could only dream about a few years ago.
  • 09-04-2008, 06:16 AM
    Affliction has Fedor. If they ever lose Fedor they will lose the business. AA and Barnett are both in Affliction for the opportunity at Fedor. Not Ben Rothwell. UFC already owns LHW, MW and WW divisions. They need HW division. Randy coming back helps big and if they can get Fedor that makes it even bigger.
  • 09-04-2008, 05:47 AM
    The thing is, Randy going back to the UFC is all about him fighting Fedor!!!! OR DID RANDY FORGET ABOUT FEDOR when Dana showed him the dollar signs in his proposed fight against BROCK?

    I'm tired of this crap. Randy vs Fedor needs to happen. I JUST DONT SEE THE UFC MAKING THIS FIGHT HAPPEN IF RANDY DOES BEAT BROCK. If Randy beats Brock, that means Randy would still be champ. If Fedor were to fight Randy for the belt, Fedor would HAVE to be an exclusive fighter. (Or not, like the non title fight with Hughes and Royce)

    Fedor vs Randy would be a short term huge payday PPV numbers wise. The long term damages are that the UFC builds a star that they dont have. The difference between a Royce Gracie/Hughes fight, is that Royce was already well known amongst long time MMA fans. Like Royce said it. It was the house he built. SO the UFC doing a 1 fight gig for him wasnt a big deal because he was alraedy a big star.

    What I see the UFC doing is waiting till Fedor finishes his 2 fights with Affliction... Then try to renegotiate a suitable contract. I do see the UFC bending a bit and allow him to compete in his combat sambo tournaments. I also see them offering a shorter contract as well... (I believe the first contract they gave Fedor was a 10 fight contract) It would probably be a 4 fight contract.

    It's the UFCs JOB.... to sign the best fighters in MMA. PERIOD. They've been doing a pretty decent job in doing so. Like with Anderson Silva. Sure the UFC would rather have an english speaking American as champion, BUT ANDERSON SILVA is the best!!! Brings credibility to the division and sport. The UFC needs to go after guys like Fedor. They also need to keep guys like AA.

    The way the UFC runs its business I feel that they dont care about having the top fighters in the world. They can go on without them and be very successful.
  • 09-04-2008, 05:25 AM
    There's only two problems with your theory. 1 - No way in hell does Dana sign Fedor for 1 fight. It'll never happen. 2 - No way in hell does Dana even try to sign Fedor to anything until his contract with Affliction is over and done with.
  • 09-04-2008, 04:49 AM
    If I was running the UFC I'd do everything possible to sign Fedor and keep him . Forget about who my pet HW champ is for now (or make room for the new one from Russia) and let the man do his thing. Get the Couture and Lesnar fights out of the way sooner rather than later , so everybody knows what's what. Then in a couple or a few years when Lesnar is better and Fedor is older , let em fight again . I do want to see Lesnar earn his way up , so Randy really needs to come through . Like someone already said , if Lesnar beats Randy and becomes the HW champ now I will puke violently .
  • 09-04-2008, 04:47 AM
    Could be a good move, but could also be a horrible move. One thing is for sure though, they have to do something quick. It seems that the going is only getting tougher for Affliction which is pretty unfortunate.
  • 09-04-2008, 04:45 AM
    pantomime horse
    As they say in boxing, styles make fights. Sure, Brock seems to be new at the sub-D game and so fighters adept at jiu-jitsu are likely to be favored.

    Randy has used his wrestling to control his matches and now faces a bigger, stronger, and quite capable wrestler who isn't likely to be controlled so easily.

    Brock has some unknowns. His cardio and his chin. Until they are truly put to the test he'll remain somewhat a mystery. If he's found to have great cardio and a solid chin his opponents are going to be in for a rough ride.

    As for Affliction it's up to the fans. Do they want a competing MMA organization in the states? Are they willing to buy the PPVs to support it? Affliction did its part by going after fighters the fans want to see compete, but the fans need to do their part as well.

    From where I'm sitting I'm happy watching the UFC and DREAM. Do I want Affliction to survive? Not sure if I'm that passionate about the situation. They have some talented fighters, but they have a long way to go before they get everything else running smoothly.
  • 09-04-2008, 03:43 AM
    Good post, I agree with everything, but I don't see Randy being able to beat Brock unless he brings in Fedor to teach him the leg Which I don't think Fedor will do. I do not see anybody that can stop Brock from taking them down and getting controlled just like Heath did in his fight. Its a lame way to win, but it looks pretty clear to me that he can do that to fighters that don't know how to roll,and don't have the strength to do anything from there. Big guys at the top of the food chain, that are bjj blackbelts or sambo fighters are the guys Brock cant beat yet. Its just a bad matchup for Randy. I hope he wins with another of his classic game plan beatdowns. But, he's old and I just don't know. I think Brock has NO chance at beating Nog,Mir,Werdum,Barrnett, Fedor or GG for that matter.
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