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  • 10-01-2008, 03:11 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Araevin View Post
    Good stuff, glad Randy is interesting to see his strategy against Brock. Seems like a bad matchup for Randy but i hope he wins.
    I agree, Randy has not had the best luck with bigger wrestlers in the past. Brock's still green and I think Randy's experience plays into him winning the fight.
  • 10-01-2008, 02:44 AM
    We can't say that Randy will use the same ways of grinding out a victory like dirty boxing like he has in the past, because Randy brings something different to table depending on who he fights. That is why he is master of the Game plan! Yeah he was quicker than Tim and yes he could dirty box with Gonzaga (and slam him..) but that is cuz that's what was appropriate. Come on you heard how much he wants to answer the "questions" aka threats posed by Brock. maybe he'll get super low on Brock and working explosively for the take down over and over. I don't know how he's going to do it, but he WILL do it...
  • 10-01-2008, 12:08 AM
    I don't think we have seen enough of Brock to really say that he can beat Randy. Randy has weathered through many fights to win. Brock may not be able to hold his own if really pushed. I feel that this is a tough fight to call.
  • 09-30-2008, 11:51 PM
    I hope this is a 5 rounder.

    Randy is a brilliant tactician. I'll never forget the feints he used against Tim and out boxed him after giving up 6+ inches on reach.

    On top of that, his concern for health insurance for the fighters is what makes him the "Fighters Champ". Recognizing something needs to be changed and going about putting change in motion.
  • 09-30-2008, 08:42 PM
    GL Jeff
    I dont see Randy taking Brock, yeah he beat Tim, but that dosent say much, hes only lost since then. I think Randy is going to try and work the dirty boxing, but Brock is just going to overpower him and take him down. And I dont think hes strong enough to catch a leg lock, Brock will just yank it out, I know he couldnt with Mir, but Mir is stronger,and is much better at bjj then Randy.
  • 09-30-2008, 07:03 PM
    Couture by some sort of Leglock/ankle lock late rnd 1/early rnd 2.
  • 09-30-2008, 06:43 PM
    Really nice interview, he's a great spokesperson for MMA! Can't wait for the fight though, seems like time is moving slower since they announced it
  • 09-30-2008, 06:09 PM
    If Randy beats Brock then Randy is the man. I just don't see how he can though, it's a tough match. He was faster than Silvia but I don't think he can match Brock's explosiveness. The guy has only had like 3 mma fights and almost beat a former champion, then came back and dismantled a well-rounded, experienced, and popular fighter in Herring. That is a good start if I ever saw one.
  • 09-30-2008, 06:06 PM
    i got no problem with Brock getting a title shot so soon, i think he has a better chance of beating Couture than anybody else right now so, i think its the best matchup.

    people are hating because he is 2-1(1-1 UFC) but, if he beats couture then he deserves it, bottom line.

    another thing, people act like they are butt hurt that Brock has skills since he used to be a Pro Wrestler and can hang with MMA Elite's "Mixed Martial Arts" people, which means you bring the style you have to face another style. If Brock can hold people down for 25 minutes and get a win than i guess that kind of proves there really isnt one be all, end all skill.

    sure it isnt really exciting to see someone sit on top of someone else for 25 minutes but, if couture doesnt have the skills to stop that then Lesnar should be champ, i dont care if he only has 3 fights, if he wins then he wins.
  • 09-30-2008, 06:03 PM
    Big Daddy Duker

    Lesnar as Champ

    I hate to be the one to bring pro wrestling into it, but Brock probably would be a good champ, for the same reason that Ric Flair was. People will pay for fights in the hope of seeing the moment where he loses the belt. I know I would. Brock is a force to be reckoned with, no doubt about it. I just do not like him, however. I didn't like him in the WWE, and I don't like him now. Go get 'em, Randy!
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