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Thread: Rumored: Calzaghe-Kessler on for September

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    Default Rumored: Calzaghe-Kessler on for September

    I don't totally believe it myself yet, the BBC isn't exactly ESPN or Maxboxing as far as boxing news go, but it looks like there's a better than good shot of this fight finally happening. And according to the article, Calzaghe's willing to travel to Denmark to make this fight happen. Kessler's people must've waved a lot of Euros in front of Calzaghe's face, because I would have put money on this fight being in the UK if it were ever made. If it's Copenhagen, Calzaghe's cojones rating will skyrocket. Keep your fingers crossed boys....

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    IMO if Calzaghe wins it cements his legacy as a great fighter but beating Kessler in Denmark will be no easy task
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    maxboxing and espn aren't exactly maxboxing and espn.

    The fight isn't set. I'm hearing one camp wants sept, the other wants nov.

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