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Thread: Jens Pulver vs Urijah Faber

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    Default Jens Pulver vs Urijah Faber

    With Jens now saying he is dropping to 145 and moving to the WEC he seems to be on a collision course with the FW champ Urijah Faber. Who do you got winning that fight?

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    id go with Faber, but im really not sure. im not sold on Faber's standup, especially for a guy like Jens, who has been KOd before at 155, but has some fuckin' dynamite
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    im going with Faber too, Jens Pulver has that famous punchers chance in any fight hes been in and he is a solid wrestler, but Faber is a better wrestler with better BJJ I think style wise he can win this match if he doesnt get caught.
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    Pulver's power should allow him to run through the entire division. His experience should be enough to get him to a title shot unscathed. Once he gets in there with Faber (at least the first in the first fight) I think Jens puts it all together and wins by being the better tactical fighter (I can't beleive I just called Pulver tactical). I think Jens can keep Faber from getting off and will be able to land single shots at a time until he drops Faber and then smashes him.
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    I sure hope jens doesnt get an imediate title shot after losing to BJ, cuz there is a good chance he will lose to Urijah

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    I'd take Faber, as long as he picks his shots, controls the pace, he can get the fight where he wants it and win a decision.

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    I gotta go Jens in this fight, Faber is awesome, but he was getting handled by a nobody in his last fight until he got that choke in.

    Jens by TKO in 2.

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