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Thread: Is WFA worth getting?

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    I'm still getting it. I order about every MMA event on PPV so it's no big deal to me to order a $35 event. The loss of Kimo doesn't mean shit to me.

    Still has Lindland vs Rampage, the US Debut of Lyoto, Mayhem vs Sincaid, Bas kicking some can ass, the return of Ivan Salaverry, Razor Rob out to avenge his last loss, and a couple of other decent matches as well.

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    i was going to buy it to see Rampage in shape for once in his life but other than that im very disappointed with the kimo being a ROID HEAD... Fucking moron..... i swear they could have gotten someone with some talent to take his place even I would have fought that fight and it would have been a better match up...

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