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Thread: Rampage vs Couture

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    Quote Originally Posted by kickbox
    so superior wrestling over better standup and also a decent wrestling??OHH not so brigth there buddy no offense.rampage is considered a boxer with wrestling skills and taekdown defense Couture stands no chance.

    Thats the dumbest shit i have ever heard. Randy stands no chance, thats just stupid talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferris0913
    i'd take rampage. 6 outta 10.

    mostly due to his strength. and stand up. nothing taking away from randy. he's wrestling is supurb and i think he'd get him down more than his fair share of times. it would be a good match up.
    Yeap, 6 times out of 10, I say Rampage. I don't see why anyone underestimates either of these guys? Especially Rampage! I suggest that the people who have become fans of MMA via UFC over the last few years and feel that they are experts from learning from Joe Rogans biased ramblings should invest in some Pride FC DVD's that have Rampage fights. This guy has very little weaknesses and is one of the best strikers AND wrestlers out there. He has submission ability, KO power in strikes AND slams! Rampage is a powerhouse!

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