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Thread: What about Fedor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900
    alright your quite the fedor nut hugger..
    Yes, a Fedor nuthugger being as how his credentials are inept.

    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900
    i mention tim sylvia being a possible guy that could beat fedor and u go on a rampage

    It was a simple response showcasing how silly it sounds when you actually think Tim Sylvia poses a threat to Fedor.

    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900
    dont compare schilt to tim sylvia. how u gonna say schilt is better then sylvia hes not even close. he has no takedown defense. thiers a reason tim sylvia is ranked top 10 and schilt isnt..
    Schilt is not in the top 10 because he is the 2005 and 2006 K-1 "KICKBOXING" Grand Prix Champion. The ONLY reason Sylvia would possibly be in the top 10 would be because he has not been KNOCKED OUT OF IT YET, not because he is deserving of being there. AA vs Sylvia II was top 10 worthy, AA vs Sylvia III was not. I do not even have Sylvia in my top 10. Fedor is not Couture or any other opponent Sylvia has faced. Fedor could pull guard and yoke Sylvias arm from the bottom with absolute ease as he has done to Coleman. Sylvia has long limbs and they are easy to submit.

    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900
    how can u say fedor a guy who weighs 218lbs is stronger then a 245lb gonzaga. no way in hell he is stronger..
    Fire your source of information, the guy's making you look like a douchebag.

    Gonzaga Weighs 243lbs, Fedor Weighs 230-232lbs. The lightest Fedor has ever fought at since he became a pro is 224lbs adn that was against Coleman at Real Deal. Do you want links to their latest weigh-ins to confirm it, or just take my word for it?

    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900
    arvloski could catch him with a overhand right and put fedor to bed, and considering he has 30lbs and a nice reach avdantage on fedor i could see him giving fedor huge problems....
    Arlovski weighs 238lbs, a whopping 6-8lb difference, NOT a 30lb difference, again I must reitereate, lose the source. A rioght COULD put Fedor to bed however Fedor is a difficult man to KO, land on, etc. He has taken a Fujita right hook which likely has more power than an AA overhand right since Fujita is a 250lb wrestler with immense upper body and shoulder strength, a slam on his head from Randleman and a head kick from Cro Cop. The man has been hit with some of the most devastating shots any man can take and has dominated his opponent immediately following those nearly fight ending blows. Oh, and AA has not landed that "overhand right" in how many fights (don't even mention Cruz becasue AA looked like chit in that fight and used Herb Dean's restart as an opening to punch Cruz from the ground where he would've been owned)?

    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900
    brandon vera someone i never mentioned whos a very well rounded fighter would also pose a big threat to fedor, along with cotoure who has great wrestling and could possibly win a decision on fedor
    I have been a Vera fan for a while now but seriously, cmon man, he has NOTHING to offer Fedor. Vera is a Collegiate wrestler with no titles who later wrestled for the Air Force. Vera did not even begin training MMA until 2001, his BJJ is not elite (though it is good), his Muay Thai is good but he is no longer training under Rob Kaman and Vera is 30 years old. An up and comer at the age of 30... Vera is also only 220lbs. Fedor is the bigger man, by far the stronger of the 2, tons more fighting experience (Vera has NEVER been tested) and by far a better ground game.

    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900
    if your gonna sit here and deny that fedor could lose to someone your just on his nuts plain and simple
    Never once have I denied that Fedor could lose, I ssimply said that he would not lose to ANY of the people YOU named. His biggest competition IMO would come at the hands of Barnett as Barnett is huge (250lbs), has stood with the best HW strikers in MMA and handled himself time & time again and Barnett's ground game is on par with Fedor's (sick leg locks). The other names would be Cro Cop and Aleks.

    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900
    how exactly has tim sylvia vs fedor basically been done before..... like i said dont compare semmy schilt to tim sylvia, theirs a reason tim sylvia is top 10 and schilt isnt
    Again your top 10 is probabaly laughable to me, not trying to be a dick but based on how innacurate your post was I'm sure your top 10 would be right on par. Sylvia's td defense is average, you're trying to put him up there with Fedor, Chuck, Cro Cop, St. Pierre, Kang, etc. but he's nowhere near that. He has self proclaimed "great td D". Denying Monson who could barely even stand, the takedown is no great feat, it's comparable to Diaz landing punches to Gomi's face when Gomi's could not even raise his hands. Basically like punching munchkins or fighting someone intoxicated, it's easy pickens.

    Dana White - "Fedor is a farce"
    Fedor - Destroys Sylvia in 36 seconds

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    your entitled to your opinion and im entitled to mine.

    i guess my top 10 is laughable because i thought fedor was about 220lbs

    [no order]

    cro cop
    big nog

    if u got a better top 10 id like to hear it

    if u dont think sylvia is top 10 dont bother mentioning arlovski eithor

    and quit saying "lose the source"... being wrong about fedors weight doesnt make me a dousche bag. alright ur right man hes 230, congrats...

    you put fedor on this pedastal where he doesnt belong... mr.invincible..

    well lemme be the first to remind u of your fedor ramblings when he comes to the ufc and loses his first fight

    "Never once have I denied that Fedor could lose, I ssimply said that he would not lose to ANY of the people YOU named"

    sorry i didnt know u could see the future....

    the fact that u compare arlovski overhand right to fujita is laughable, fire the source who told u that.. oh wait ur right.. fujita has an "immense upper body" that must mean he got a stronger punch then aa.. good logic there

    they way u describe fedors previous opponents and compare them to the fighers ive named is laughable..

    and saying "denying monson who can barely even stand".. where do u come up with this shit..

    i thought i read on a website that fedor is 218 and arlovski is 245 which would be a 27 pound advantage, sorry if getting that wrong makes me a dousche who should "fire his source"..

    and u never backed up anything u said all u did was pick apart my being wrong on peoples weights.. please explain to me how fedor is stronger then gonzaga

    and then u say fedor will submit sylvia with an armbar like he did to coleman.. thanks for another meaningless comparison between coleman and tim sylvia.. ya tim sylvia is so easy to submit thats why hes only been submitted twice in 26 or so fights

    u say schilt is not top 10 because he is a grand prix kickboxing champ? well id think that would be more reason to put him top 10 wouldnt u? the reason he isnt top 10 is because hes not good enough plain and simple
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    Quote Originally Posted by TKDsoldier
    Remember Chuck, some thought he would be defeated, but now look at him.

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    leedog, I hate to admit it but dagreat is right. half of your post was wrong due to the weight misinformation and saying that Tim sylvia even stands a chance just makes it look worse. i bet there is a TON of pride lhw and mw that could possibly beat sylvia.

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    sometimes i roll over the threads and see the first few sentneces and i can always guess when its a NOOB making the thread.

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    Default really?

    how is is that fedor has been the most dominant champ in recent years, and people still doubt him. Are you the same people that were saying chuck was going to beat rampage?? besided the best ever is rickson hands down. and for people that think size matters in fighting, i feel bad for you, randy was 50+ pounds lighter than sylvia, he won, no doubt sylvia is a total bitch, but fedor weighs 220 and hits like he weighs 300. crocop only weighs 220, get my drift, weight means nothing, as long as it is still a FIGHT. anything can happen at any time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiders18 View Post
    Sorry but Fedor doesn't lose, he is invinceable.
    So true.
    Quote Originally Posted by zana1126 View Post
    I prefer to watch my grandmother fucking.
    Whatever floats your boat man...

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    The positive thing about the spam it is that we can read how people were saying that Tim Sylvia would be a legit threat to Fedor.

    Because at the time, Sylvia was not the joke that he is today. He was a Top 5 fighter and many people forgot that.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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