This is just a rumour at this point but it sounds like there might be something to it. Apparently a local radio station made the initial report.

Quotes from posts on Sherdog:

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My thread earlier got sent to the wasteland since I didn't have a source but I just called the KRQE newsroom and they told me Diego Sanchez's opponent is Hayato Sakurai. If you don't believe me call . Ask about the Diego sanchez story that ran last night at 10 o'clock. It doesn't mean it's legit, but it does show I was telling the truth about the newscast saying it.
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I called because I have nothing else to do, but this is 100% legit. Hopefully the Sherdog faithful will see my join date and have a little faith.

I spoke to Monica Lopez, who I'm not sure is in their sports department but (she) confirmed that Diego Sanchez is indeed, fighting Hayato 'Mach' Sakurai. Take that for what it's worth people.
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The sports director, Van Tate, actually e-mailed me back and said Diego is the one who told him about the fight and that he would try to get them to post the info on the site.

I hope this happens.