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Gomi didnt get his ass handed to him, he lost the fight.. it was too close to say anyone got there ass handed to him, that first round was one of the best rounds of that year if not, the best. He gassed and Diaz took over, but I wouldnt say any fighter got there ass handed to him if the result was switched.

Either way, Diego is a tough fighter but lets just say they both come in with there A games.. what advantage does Diego really have in this fight? if he strikes with Sakurai he is asking for trouble, on the ground.. I dont give Diego's JJ a good chance vs someone who has sub'd Ricco Rodriguez, and placed 2nd in open weight in ADCC. Hes got distinct edges in this fight, Diego is good.. but losing to one of the best fighters in the world? no ones gonna sit here and make fun of him like some did when he losed to Koscheck, losing to Sakurai is completely different.

If the P4P list stretched out, Sakurai would probably be at 11 or 12

ohh like i said i agree sakurai will win...but if sakurai doesnt come in 100% ready it could be a though night fior him cuz diego is non stop when hes on...but yes imo sakurai will win whereever the fight goes...