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Thread: Kid Yamamoto Leaves MMA To Pursue Olympic Wrestling

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    Default Kid Yamamoto Leaves MMA To Pursue Olympic Wrestling


    KID leaves MMA
    Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto has left the world of MMA to return to wrestling. His sights are set for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (free-style wrestling), preparing to participate in the 60 kg. weight class. Yamamoto said that he decided to make this decision based on the fact that he is 29 years old and he feels this is his last chance to live out his dreams of being in the Olympics.

    Kid will participate in the All Japan wrestling championships in November, and if he wins in that competition he will likely make it to the Olympic team.

    Mainstream Japanese media confirmation:

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    I wish he'd change his mind and stay in mma ,but i wish him the best of luck.

    Captain America!!!
    8/9/2008 WAIT FOR IT!

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    hopefully he's stayed on top of his ground game, and gets his shot at the Olympics

    but i really hope he'll come back afterwards, he's one of my favorite fighters by far

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