I like both fighters and this is big, dangerous fight for both with a lot at stake. For Swick, it's his chance to prove he belongs in the top flight and for all intents and purposes, makes him either No. 1 or co-No. 1 contendor for the middleweight title after Franklin and Silva fight in October. As for Loiseau, it's do or die, and he's had a taste of the top flight. He needs to prove he hasn't reached his limit, and a loss for him relegates him back to the middle of the pack.

Loiseau's in the same position as Yves Edwards was before his fight with Joe Stevenson, and the parallels are striking. Edwards and Loiseau, both exciting, formidable, talented strikers who are on a bit of a skid facing young, hungry TUF alumni in a fight where the veterans have more to lose than the prospects. And in this case, Swick has less to lose than Stevenson did.