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Thread: What Season Was the Best So Far

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    Default What Season Was the Best So Far

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    matto Guest


    loved all the season the same. liked season 4 but that stood out as the weakest season for sure.

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    kornkob Guest


    season 3 was great because of the coaches hateing each other so much

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    It's a tough call, but I can't speak for Season 2, cause I missed that season.

    I got into TUF about midway season one. But I'd have to say This last season was pretty good over all w/ Season 1 having the best Season Finale. Is that fair?

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    I am going to have to say either season one or season 5 which just happened. Both were very entertaining with one or no boring episodes.

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    Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to watch either season 4 or season 5 of TUF but given how dissapointing season 4 was reputed to be, I'm going to have to tip my hat toward season 1.

    It was the first time this was happening in the UFC and it was all 'new' to an extent, ya know?

    Not to mention, the whole Leben-smash crap was pretty damn funny.

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    it seems like theres more guys fighting in the ufc from seasons 1 and 3 so id have to say those

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    I think I would have to go with season 1 being the best. Season 1 helped to jump start the UFC and MMA in the US. There have always been hardcore fans that have watched all the events, but now we have recreational fans that have added a much needed lift in money.

    The fighters from season 1 are amongst the top that have come out of any of the series and the Finale with Bonnar and Griffin was one of the top fights in the last few years.

    IMO, We would not be able to see matchups or the fighters such as CroCop, Rampage, Hendo, Minotauro, Fedor (hopefully soon), Shogun (again hopefully soon), if it wasn;t for the popularity of season 1.

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    Season 5 had the best fights IMO.

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    Default Season 1 and 2

    These seasons were by far the best,...and fighters are now panning out and competing well in the UFC

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