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Thread: Does the world really need Tito/Rashad 2?

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    I don't wanna see Tito in another long series of fights with the same fighter again. The first fight was boring to me and i'm not looking forward to a rematch

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    Default No !!!

    :banghead: The guy is so lame, all he has is the gift of the gab( don't mistake it for 'jab'), he just keeps flapping his gums, puts down other fighters. The best part is that he keeps talking shit about the UFC and at the same time sticks you with,my loyalty lies with the UFC. Comments like this,""Who's more popular - my nuts, or Forrest Griffin?", is not witty or funny, it shows pure arrogance and classlessness. I really don't give a rats ass, if I see him or not ever in an octagon or squared circle. He sucks

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