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  • Vanderlei Silva

    17 45.95%
  • Chuck Liddel

    14 37.84%
  • Miko Cro-Cop

    7 18.92%
  • Tim Silva

    1 2.70%
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Thread: Pound for pound ratings.

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    did he seriously say Kid sucks and that LW is a weak division? he's top 5 in a division with Shaolin, Gomi, Pulver, Sherk

    Kid is top 10 P4P i would say, and top 5 LW easy
    he's beaten some very notable LWs in Hero's, Caol Uno, Sudo, and even Royler Gracie. so thats not a weak division in the organization

    and he also happens to weigh in about 10 pounds lighter then all the other LWs that he fights. and you know what happens then? he just destroys them. he has heavy hands, and is nearly an olympic level wrestler. thats fuckin' talent, and you denouncing that as some weak BS is pure fucking ignorance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastiff_owner
    I think the general consensus is that the fighters on your poll are not the best p4p fighters. The general public will agree that if you are going to make apoll for best P4P the list should have the following-


    Not in any particular order but perhaps you could include Ace, Hendo and liddell. The fighers on your list are not the best P4P. Probably why there have been almost 70 views and only 8 posts.
    No Wandy? I would put dan Henderson in there as well, and certainly Kid Yammamoto if you are going to put Gomi in there.

    I would replace Penn with Wandy, GSP with Dan Henderson as GSP does not have enough fights to even be considdered in this and there's the P4P. If Chuck beats Babalu and Wandy I would put him in there but right now ther is far too much hype surrounding Chuck.
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    DSo you expect anything but ignorance from a stinky canuck?

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