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Thread: Good Rash Guards for Cheap?

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    For what it's worth, i've found some drifit wal-mart brand althletic work shirts at Wal-Mart and they're under 20.00 and that's what I use to train in. NO sence in messing up high dollor stuff and to my suprise the've held up really well, i've got a short and long sleeve and they aren't bad for the money for training in.

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    Target is the way to go!!!....their champion pro-duos are awesome!!....for 13 bucks you get a good quality (better than UA in my opinion...barely thicker..more stitching...still cools EXCELLENT) guard that will last!!! Ive bought, gray, and white (which isn't see through like the UA ones either....seeing someones nipples through a compression T is not cool.......or Hope this helps!!

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    If you smack your body with a bamboo stick everyday, for 5 years you wont need a rash guard! my skin is like armor..... thats what my priest

    seriously rash guards are over rated, but under armor,it's cheap, lasts and focus your attention on developing your game.

    "he who has the best Rashguard, doesn't know shit" !!!

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