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Thread: Cro Cop v Cheick Kongo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dork8503
    Kongo is also a wrestler yeah i don't understand how he can have such shit take down d but he does.

    This will be a stand up fight and i am picking Kongo to win.
    Cuz hes a greco-roman wrestler
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    I think Congo is going to catch CC with a lucky punch and end the fight. I don't feel that CC has adapted to the cage very well up to this point. CC would be better to take Congo down and finish him on the ground.

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    I think Kongo has a puncher's chance; he might KO CC... but I see him getting KTFO by CC in the first

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    The only real advantage Kongo has is his size but it's not like CC is a stranger to fighting bigger guys. I see CC winning via (T)KO.

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    kind of a scary fight. judgin from Kongo's last fight. hes 2 inches tall and 20 pounds heavier. crop cop is one of my favs but you can never be sure. im optimistic for a croatian hand raise.

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